Was Henry in Super Junior?

Was Henry in Super Junior?

Was Henry in Super Junior?

Henry Lau debuted as a Super Junior-M member in 2007, where he participated in the group’s many activities in China and Korea. He also produced multiple songs for artists and appeared in television dramas. He left SM Entertainment 10 years later but continued to remain close with his former members.

What happened to Henry Lau in Super Junior?

In April 2018, Henry parted ways with the group after a decade. SM Entertainment revealed, “Henry’s exclusive contract recently expired, and we have ended on good terms.” Henry has completed his contract with SM Entertainment and he has decided to leave the agency.

How long was Henry in Super Junior?

Henry Lau has decided to leave SM Entertainment after 10 years. He is a member of Super Junior M, a subunit of K-pop boy band Super Junior, in which he debuted in 2008. ‘As of April 29th, 2018, our exclusive contract with Henry has ended.

Is Henry Lau under SM?

His original soundtrack “It’s You” released in 2017 became the most streamed Korean OST on Spotify for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, Henry left SM Entertainment following the expiration of his contract, and subsequently joined Monster Entertainment Group.

What happened to Henry Lau today?

Henry Lau is now at the receiving end of the backlash. The Canadian singer of Chinese origin is under fire for deleting the demeaning comments on China from his YouTube channel but not deleting the comments which are demeaning to South Korea.

Is Henry Half Korean?

Henry Lau (born October 11, 1989) also simply known as Henry, is a Canadian singer-songwriter. He works in Korean pop music. He can speak English, Mandarin and Korean very well, along with Cantonese, and a little bit of Japanese and Thai….

Henry Lau
Musical career
Also known as Liu Xian-hua
Genres Mandopop K-pop R&B

Did Henry Lau go to military?

Even though he’s not Korean and doesn’t have to serve in the military, Henry’s shown Korean audiences that not only does he value their country’s military service, but he can learn from it. And do it with a smile on his face.

Is Henry Lau a prodigy?

K-pop Prodigy Henry Lau Is Ready for a Globalized Entertainment Industry.