Is white lithium grease hazardous?

Is white lithium grease hazardous?

Is white lithium grease hazardous?

Use of the substance/mixture : White Lithium Grease. Hazard statements (GHS-US) : Extremely flammable aerosol. Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. Harmful if inhaled.

What is Lucas White Lithium Grease used for?

White and creamy in appearance, the white lithium grease resists extreme pressure properties and is recommended for everything from household applications, to a variety of automotive uses including chassis, trucks, tractors, and contractor equipment. Not recommended for use in wheel bearings.

What is white lithium grease made of?

WHAT IS WHITE LITHIUM GREASE? Sometimes white grease is made by mixing a lithium based soap with an oil. This type of lithium grease adheres really well to metal objects. It demonstrates excellent lubrication under heavy loads and it is non-corrosive.

Is Lucas White Lithium Grease safe for plastic?

Answer: Yes, should work fine. I used it on plastic gears inside my Water Pick oral irrigation and also can opener.

Is white lithium grease flammable?

Flammable Properties: This product is extremely flammable in accordance with aerosol flammability definitions. Explosion Hazards: Aerosol containers, when exposed to heat from fire, may build pressure and explode.

Is grease harmful to humans?

Synthetic oils are considered harmless and contain no carcinogens. Other than cancer-causing agents, toxic components found in petroleum make ingesting a lubricant a very dangerous and poisonous endeavor. Motor oil and hydraulic fluids belong to a large class of compounds called hydrocarbons.

Is white grease lithium based?

White lithium grease automotive uses White lithium grease is used to keep components moving smoothly, free of friction and seizing. You can also apply it preventatively to protect against rust and corrosion.

Is WD 40 white lithium grease flammable?

Extremely Flammable Aerosol. Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.

How do you dispose of white lithium grease?

Dispose of via a licensed waste disposal contractor. Note: see Section 1 for emergency contact information and Section 13 for waste disposal. Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities : Put on appropriate personal protective equipment (see Section 8).

Is Grease a carcinogen?