Is Vision back after WandaVision?

Is Vision back after WandaVision?

Is Vision back after WandaVision?

His return in WandaVision initially left viewers with many questions. However, the series itself answered those questions before it bowed out, revealing that the Scarlet Witch had used her limitless ability to recreate him in her sitcom-like world in WestView.

Is Vision coming back?

Paul Bettany Teases Vision Comeback “Absolutely not! Not for any kind of money at all. I can’t even think of a figure.” Then, after leading up to his real response for a minute, he teased that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is never one to “allow loose ends” within the MCU.

Will the MCU bring Vision back?

Bettany has been out promoting his new show A Very British Scandal, but when you’re part of something as big as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you know it’s going to come up. Entertainment Weekly put Bettany on the spot and asked him straight up: would he be returning to the MCU as the Vision? ÔÇťAbsolutely not!

What happens to Wanda after WandaVision?

The next chapter of Wanda’s Marvel Cinematic Universe journey will unfold in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but in addition to developing further as a popular character, Wanda will also return to Avengers: Age of Ultron roots by speaking in her Sokovian accent again.

Why does Vision leave in WandaVision?

It could very well be that his decision to leave was about not wanting to cross paths with Wanda until he’d done this, and once again discovered his worthiness. Even without reconciling his memories and emotions, he would’ve also regained enough insight to know how powerful Wanda is.

Did Vision get revived?

Vision’s corpse was taken by S.W.O.R.D. and disassembled in an attempt to weaponize his remains. Vision’s body was then reassembled in a white form and reactivated through a sample of Maximoff’s Chaos Magic, and was employed by S.W.O.R.D. as their sentient weapon.

How did Wanda bring back Vision?

Hayward was struggling to bring the synthezoid back to life until he hooked up Vision’s corpse to one of the drones Wanda had unleashed her chaos magic on. Using it as a battery, he brought Vision back online, stripped of both his memories and his humanity, and sent him into the Hex to neutralize Wanda Maximoff.

Why did Wanda become evil?

Doctor Strange 2’s main villain turned out to be Wanda Maximoff, who went full evil in her quest to reunite with her children after losing them in WandaVision. She has been tapping into chaos magic using the Darkhold.