Is vamanrao Pai alive?

Is vamanrao Pai alive?

Is vamanrao Pai alive?

Pai, who had thousands of followers all over Maharashtra, breathed his last at a hospital in suburban Mumbai, his family said.

What lessons does nature teach us?

What Does Nature Teach Us? 14 Lessons From The Natural World

  • Naturalist Intelligence.
  • Presence & Awareness.
  • Using Your Senses.
  • Unstoppable Focus.
  • Stillness & Meditation.
  • Authenticity.
  • Awe & Wonder.
  • Gratitude & Appreciation.

What is the lesson to learn from nature’s diversity?

Abundant examples of generosity in nature Nature would teach us that there is another way of operating a system, one that is not based on scarcity but on abundance and generosity. As ecosystems evolve in nature, they become more diverse. This diversity creates more resources (not less) in a system.

What you learn from any 5 things that you see in nature?

8 Lessons to Learn From Nature

  • Nature Is Flexible and Resilient.
  • Nature Knows What’s Good for Her.
  • Nature Is Ever-Changing.
  • Nature Is Never in a Rush.
  • In Nature, Everything Has a Purpose.
  • What Goes Around, Comes Around.
  • An Ocean Is a Sum of Water Particles.
  • Nature Is Collaborative.

Do you think there are lessons to learn from nature what are those lessons?

We learn by observing others, receiving formal instruction, and reading and exploring on our own. The mere act of living and interacting with others provides experiences that challenge us and encourage us to think, grow, and ask questions.

Do we learn many things from the nature give examples?

there are many trees , they always gives us food to eat like vegetables and fruits without asking. but In return we won’t give them anything. this is the one of the most helping nature we have to learn. the river also give us fresh water and make us thirst free.