Is there surfing in Oceanside?

Is there surfing in Oceanside?

Is there surfing in Oceanside?

The Oceanside Pier is a surfing hot spot in Oceanside, featuring great waves on both the north and south side of the Pier on any given day, year-round. This location is particularly popular for locals, and can get crowded when the waves are great!

Where can I surf in Costa del Sol?

Surfing in Costa del Sol: perfect for kids and adults alike

  • El Chanquete Beach – El Palo (Málaga)
  • Los Álamos Beach (Torremolinos)
  • Santa Amalia Beach (Fuengirola)
  • Bil-Bil Beach (Benalmádena)
  • Artola-Cabopino Beach (Marbella)
  • Atalaya Beach (Estepona)
  • Benajarafe Beach (Vélez – Málaga)
  • Surf camps and lessons in Costa del Sol.

Is Oceanside beach good for beginner surfers?

Ocean Beach offers good surfing year round The best place to start is just north of Ocean Beach Pier It’s an easy paddle out to the waves, there are lifeguards on duty year round, and it has a mellow atmosphere — which makes this beach great for first-timers.

Where do you park to surf Oceanside Pier?

Free parking all along Pacific Street.

Can you surf Malaga?

In Malaga you can surf all year round. Also in the winter months (remember that “winter” as such does not exist here) there is a lot of activity and the good temperature that we enjoy here makes many enjoy the beaches to the fullest.

Can you surf in Estepona?

Atalaya Beach, Estepona It is exactly in Atalaya beach where you can do all these sport activities, such as surf. Many young people visit this area in order to make the most of the best waves in the Mediterranean.

Where is the best surfing in San Diego?


  1. LA JOLLA WINDANSEA. La Jolla means “the jewel.” Be aware that this isn’t a surf spot for beginners.
  2. OCEANSIDE. This is an excellent place if you don’t have much surfing experience.

Where do beginners surf in San Diego?

5 Beginner Surf Spots in San Diego

  • La Jolla Shores. La Jolla is #1 on this list because you simply can’t talk about surfing in San Diego without mentioning this beach.
  • Tourmaline Beach. Tourmaline Beach sits on the border of the Pacific Beah and La Jolla districts of San Diego.
  • Pacific Beach.
  • Mission Beach.
  • Oceanside.