Is there a ferry from Vieques to San Juan?

Is there a ferry from Vieques to San Juan?

Is there a ferry from Vieques to San Juan?

There is not a direct ferry from Old San Juan to Vieques. The terminal of the ferry to Vieques leaves from Ceiba. To get from San Juan to the Ceiba terminal, visitors can rent a car or take a private shuttle.

How long is the ferry ride from San Juan to Vieques?

about 30 minutes
Ride Length – The ride on the new Puerto Rico Fast Ferry (passenger only) generally takes about 30 minutes. The time may vary upon the boat you board and weather conditions. The ATM cargo ferries will take a little longer – about 45 minutes.

How much is the ferry to Vieques?

$2 per person
Ferry tickets cost $2 per person. Ferries typically take about an hour and a half to reach Vieques, but the duration can vary based on weather conditions. Ferries often depart later than scheduled.

How do I get from San Juan to Vieques?

There are 3 ways to get from San Juan to Vieques (State) by taxi, car ferry, plane or shuttle

  1. Take a taxi from San Juan to Ceiba.
  2. Take the car ferry from Ceiba to Vieques Ceiba.

Can tourists take the ferry to Vieques?

By Ferry. Many visitors and residents from Puerto Rico take the ferry for a great day trip to Vieques and in order to save money. If you’re a tourist, we highly recommend you fly to Vieques on holiday weekends to avoid disappointments, long lines and the risk of not getting on the boat at all.

Is Vieques worth the trip?

Vieques adventure well worth it! Vieques is a great experience for those that don’t mind a little adventure. There are many beautiful activities to enjoy here to access nature and the outdoors including bio bay kayaking, yoga, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and horseback riding.

Why is Vieques famous?

Vieques is best known internationally as the site of a series of protests against the United States Navy’s use of the island as a bombing range and testing ground, which led to the Navy’s departure in 2003.

Is Vieques closed to tourists?

(COVID-19 ) We would love to welcome you once we are ready and back in business.