Is the Supernote A6X worth it?

Is the Supernote A6X worth it?

Is the Supernote A6X worth it?

The Supernote A6X is great for reading ebooks and drawing. The email synchronization is a neat feature that will allow you to read emails on device. Microsoft Word functionality is excellent and Excel should follow soon. One of the best reasons to invest in the Supernote ecosystem is the level of firmware updates.

What is a Supernote A5X?

• The brand new Supernote A5X is running Google Android 8.1 and comes preloaded with the Kindle App, Libby and other popular apps will be available soon. This device features a 10.3 inch E NK Mobius touchscreen display with a resolution of 1404×1872 with 226 PPI.

How big is the Supernote A5X?

The X-series of Supernote comes in two sizes, the 7.8-inch A6X or the 10.3-inch A5X. There is an important difference between them in terms of technology, however, not just size.

Is Supernote A5X worth it?

While it does come at a premium, if you are looking for a tablet that gives that notebook-like feel, look no further than the Supernote A5X. A premium device that delivers a great, distraction free content creation experience that is tailor-made for writers and artists on the go.

Is Supernote better than reMarkable?

Initially, the Supernote’s writing latency was still perfectly serviceable (and, indeed, faster than a number of better-known e-ink devices), but it was double that of the reMarkable 2. But then came the 2021 end of year update, and Supernote quietly changed the game.

How long does it take to get Supernote A5X?

You will have to wait 3-4 months after ordering to receive one, whereas the Supernote A5X is available now.

Is Supernote better than remarkable?

How much does Supernote A5X cost?

With the price point of $499, this is not made to compete with a Kindle, and while it can be used to read a PDF, the Supernote A5X excels at note-taking and creation. The massive 10.3-inch screen delivers a sharp and crisp greyscale display that makes text easy to read and write.

Does Supernote A5X have color?

You won’t be watching movies on the Supernote. At 10.3 inches, the grayscale screen is sharp and crisp, but it’s meant for note-taking rather than video. The E INK Mobius touchscreen display has a resolution of 1404×1872 with 226 PPI. The tradeoff for the lack of color is that the A5X has a very long battery life.

How much is the Supernote A5X?