Is the Sphr harder than the PHR?

Is the Sphr harder than the PHR?

Is the Sphr harder than the PHR?

According to the most recent HRCI study, released in January 2019, the pass rate for the SPHR is 57%. That is the lowest of all of its exams….Is the SPHR Hard? Yes! Here Are the Reasons Why.

Credential PASS Rate
aPHR 85%
PHR 59%
SPHR 57%
GPHR 61%

What is the best way to study for the SPHR?

Instead, use multiple methods of studying, such as creating flash cards, making practice tests, downloading a study app, and reading several different SPHR study guides. You should also consider joining an SPHR study group, attending SPHR conferences and enrolling in your local SPHR chapter.

How long should I study for the SPHR?

It took me 4.5 months to study for and pass the SPHR exam. I created a study plan that took my work experience, background and the fact that I had a very energetic two year old at home when I determined how long I would need to prepare for the exam.

Is Sphr higher than PHR?

Jon Orozco: At a minimum for the PHR, you have at least four years of experience in a professional-level HR position + a high school diploma. However, the PHR requirements reduce with a college degree or graduate degree. In comparison, the SPHR requires seven years of experience in a professional-level HR position.

What is the Sphr pass rate?

HRCI Exam Pass Rates as of December 31, 2021

Credential PASS Rate
aPHR 84%
PHR 65%
SPHR 58%
GPHR 77%

What is passing score for Sphr?

500 marks out of 700
Effectively, candidates have to answer all the 225 questions to the best of their ability. To pass the SPHR/PHR exam, the candidate will have to score 500 marks out of 700 (i.e. Pass percentage is 71.4).

What percentage of people pass the PHR?


What is a passing score on the SPHR exam?

What score do you need to pass SPHR?

Which is harder SHRM-SCP or SPHR?

SHRM-SCP is SHRM’s highest level of certification. Like SPHR (see above), it’s aimed at someone like an HR manager or other experienced HR professional aiming to climb the career ladder into a senior leadership position.