Is the Pebble Mine approved?

Is the Pebble Mine approved?

Is the Pebble Mine approved?

In June, the Pedro Bay Corporation approved an agreement with The Conservation Fund to sell a conservation easement over 44,000 acres on the shore of Lake Iliamna, including the infrastructure right-of-way for the Pebble project.

What is the Pebble project in Alaska?

The Pebble Project is located in the Bristol Bay Region in south-west Alaska, approximately 200 miles from Anchorage. It is a green field project based on a copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry deposit, which is considered to be the largest deposit of its kind in the world.

What issues may the Pebble Mine cause in Alaska?

The Pebble Mine—proposed at the headwaters of the planet’s greatest wild salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska—threatens the communities and ecosystems that depend on the bay’s abundant wildlife. It’s also a terrible investment, pitting an eternal supply of food against an eternal supply of poison.

Has the Pebble Mine been stopped?

On Wednesday, November 25th, 2020, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied the key federal permit for the proposed Pebble mine. However, without community-supported, long-term protections in place, Bristol Bay remains an open target for Pebble and other hard rock mining proposals.

What is the Pebble Mine controversy?

The Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday denied a permit for the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska, likely dealing a death blow to a long-disputed project that aimed to extract one of the world’s largest deposits of copper and gold ore, but which threatened breeding grounds for salmon in the pristine Bristol Bay region.

Why Alaskans cant ignore Pebble Mine?

Alaskans cannot afford to allow the Pebble project to linger in existence. There are too many potential threats to ignore. For example, Pebble is currently appealing the Army Corps’ permit denial, which if successful, could reverse the Corps’ November 2020 decision.

What impact does the Pebble Mine have on the environment?

Toxic spills and acid mine drainage kill wildlife, poison community drinking water, and pose serious health risks. enormous impoundments built directly on top of streams, ponds, and wetlands in the headwaters of some of the most productive salmon rivers on earth.

Who supports the Pebble Mine?

In 2005, Northern Dynasty acquired rights over 100 percent of the Pebble Mine deposit. Two years later, it formed a 50-50 partnership with Anglo American—called the Pebble Partnership—and, beginning in 2006, Mitsubishi Corporation and Rio Tinto became major shareholders.

Who owns the land for Pebble Mine?

the State of Alaska
Project ownership The land is owned by the State of Alaska. Pebble Mines Corp. holds mineral rights for 186 square miles (480 km2) of the area, an area that includes the Pebble deposits, as well as other, less explored, mineral deposits.