Is the Matrix movie real?

Is the Matrix movie real?

Is the Matrix movie real?

While The Matrix movie franchise is decidedly fiction, some criminal suspects have used the metaphysical concepts put forth in the films to try to justify their crimes, and in doing so, have turned courtrooms into a cinematic arena of their own. This post originally appeared on It was written by Gina Tron.

What are the Easter eggs in Toy Story?

10 Easter Eggs In ‘Toy Story’ You Definitely Missed

  • Stop… Mickey Time!
  • “You Hockey Puck”
  • It’s All In The Titles.
  • Don’t Overlook The Carpet.
  • Hakuna Matata.
  • The Hooker Toy.
  • Al’s Ads.
  • Barbie’s Late Arrival.

What are the theories about the Toy Story series?

This concept has led to several theories such as: What happens to the toy after its owner grows up, why are the toys alive, and why do they desire to be played with? These fan theories attempt to answer a few of these problems that audience members had with this film series

What is the climax and resolution of Toy Story?

Toy Story. Climax: Woody enacts a plan to free Buzz—but then the true Climax begins, as Andy’s moving van pulls away from his house. Woody and Buzz race to catch up before they lose Andy forever. Climactic Moment: Woody and Buzz fly into Andy’s car and land safely. Resolution: During the first Christmas at Andy’s new house,…

What happens to Woody in the first act of Toy Story?

Even though this is part of the same seamless scene that began the movie, we’re still given a visual clue that Woody has been forced out of his First Act Normal World: when Buzz arrives, Andy and the kids knock Woody under the bed, which symbolizes his “new” world.

What is the Toy Story franchise?

Toy Story is a franchise with some of the wildest theories from those discussing the series. Pixar’s Toy Story has touched the lives of children and adults alike with its groundbreaking animation, witty writing, and relatable characters. As everyone already knows, the story focuses on how toys come to life when humans are not around.