Is the Berger VLD a good hunting bullet?

Is the Berger VLD a good hunting bullet?

Is the Berger VLD a good hunting bullet?

by: Corey Schwanz. More long range hunters consider Berger the best hunting bullet on the market because of the tight groups they can achieve and the reliable expansion on game.

What does VLD mean in ammo?

A very-low-drag bullet (VLD) is primarily a small arms ballistics development of the 1980s–1990s, driven by shooters’ desire for bullets with higher degrees of accuracy and kinetic efficiency, especially at extended ranges. To achieve this, the projectile must minimize air resistance in flight.

Are Berger VLD bullets solid copper?

Product Overview. Berger ELR Match Solid Projectiles, a brainchild of Berger’s chief ballistician, Bryan Litz, are precision lathe-turned solid copper bullets with an optimized VLD ogive design for extreme long-range accuracy.

Why are Berger bullets so good?

A Berger Hunting VLD does not dump its energy into the ground or tree on the other side of the animal. Our bullets do not create an exit wound (exit wounds can occur depending on animal size and impact velocity) for the specific purpose of creating a blood trail so a hunter can track their wounded game.

Are Berger hybrid bullets good for hunting?

In short, the bullets offer maximum aerodynamics from a bullet that is also forgiving about seating depth, making them an ideal projectile for hunting in conditions where shots can be on the long side and one that will shoot well in more rifles.

What does VLD mean in Berger Bullets?

VLD stands for Very Low Drag, and does not refer to a lifestyle, but to an ultra streamlined bullet.

Who makes VLD bullets?

Berger VLD Hunting bullets have become a favorite of those who like to shoot at animals at longer ranges. There are two reasons for this. First, as a match bullet, VLDs are very accurate. Secondly, VLDs do not need a lot of velocity to expand.

What is a hybrid bullet?

For those not familiar with Hybrid bullets, the Hybrid design blends two common bullet nose shapes on the front section of the bullet (from the tip to the start of the bearing surface). Most of the curved section of the bullet has a Secant (VLD-style) ogive for low drag.

Who makes Berger Bullets?

Berger was founded in 1955 and owned by Walt Berger for 45 years (Walt continues to work at Berger). In 2000, Spiveco Inc., maker of the J4 bullet jackets, purchased Berger from Walt. In 2002, Spiveco Inc. sold Berger to the Sheeks family who are the present owners.

How do Berger Bullets work?

It is our position at Berger that an enhanced alternative option to this type of bullet is a bullet that penetrates the first inches of tissue and bone and then dumps its energy through fragmentation into the vital area of the animal.