Is Silverwood expensive?

Is Silverwood expensive?

Is Silverwood expensive?

**Ticket prices subject to change….BUY TICKETS.

Gate Silverwood Anniversary April 30 – May 1 Pre Season Special* May 7-22
Regular Ages 8-64 $19.88 $43.00
Youth Ages 3-7 $19.88 $26.00

What is the new roller coaster at Silverwood?


Make: Rocky Mountain Construction
Type: Single-Rail Raptor
Height: 106 Feet
Top Speed: 52 MPH
Inversions: 3

How tall do you have to be to ride the spin cycle?

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Silverwood Theme Park
Location Athol, Idaho, USA
Status Operating since 2013
Height restriction 1.37m

How tall is the spin cycle at Silverwood?

104 feet
The vehicle rotates 360 degrees at 13 revolutions per minute while at the same time swings like a giant pendulum all the way upside down 104 feet above the ground bringing riders all the way around over and over again at three and a half times the normal gravitational pull.

Can you do Silverwood a day?

Its an easy short vacation (we usually take 4 days out of the week to head over). Food in the park is as affordable as outside of the park. You can do the entire park in one day (but we prefer 2 day tickets for more time at waterpark).

Is Silverwood owned by Six Flags?

Silverwood Theme Park is an amusement park located in the city of Athol in northern Idaho, United States, near the town of Coeur d’Alene, approximately 47 mi (76 km) from Spokane, Washington on US 95….Silverwood Theme Park.

Status Operating
Opened June 20, 1988
Owner Norton Family Corporation
General manager Paul Norton

Why did stunt pilot shutdown?

It’s been an up-and-down year for rollercoasters at Silverwood Theme Park. Its newest rollercoaster has been closed due to “technical difficulties.” “Stunt Pilot will be temporarily closed as the manufacturer, Rocky Mountain Construction, works on fixing the coaster,” says a notice on Silverwood’s Facebook page.

Can I wear sandals at Silverwood?

Dress Code All guests are asked to wear appropriate attire and no clothing or body art deemed by the park’s management as vulgar, rude or containing derogatory language or graphics is allowed. Silverwood Theme Park requires shirts, shoes and appropriate dress. Swimsuits are not allowed.