Is Rosetta Stone worth it for Mandarin?

Is Rosetta Stone worth it for Mandarin?

Is Rosetta Stone worth it for Mandarin?

Rosetta Stone Chinese is a good option for new leaners who want to get comfortable in the basics of the Mandarin language. While the Chinese courses share many of the common weaknesses of Rosetta Stone courses, they are still an effective way to learn basic grammar and vocabulary, as well work on pronunciation.

How do I get my 3 month free Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone offers 3 months of FREE learning for students

  1. If your student has been taking a foreign language and needs to stay immersed in order to move to the next level when school starts (from kindergarten to college prep.)
  2. If your student needs increased enrichment during the day to stay busy.

How long does it take to learn Mandarin with Rosetta Stone?

Language learning is a dynamic and ongoing process and will depend on how much time you choose to dedicate to your journey. On average, it takes approximately: 120 – 150 hours to complete the content in Units 1-12.

What HSK level is Rosetta Stone?

At best, one could say that Rosetta Stone levels 1-5 covers some of the material from HSK Exams 1 through, likely, HSK Exam 6, but not enough to pass anything beyond HSK Levels 1 or 2.

Does Rosetta Stone have Cantonese?

Unfortunately, there is no Cantonese Rosetta Stone program available. As much of a shame as it is, perhaps it makes for a great opportunity to find a new alternative for language learning lessons.

Can I learn Mandarin with Rosetta Stone?

Using the Rosetta Stone mobile app can make learning Mandarin feel easy and fun, and fits into your life wherever you are! Both the desktop and app are always in sync and move you through the lessons and levels of learning from level 1 to 5.

What is the easiest Chinese character to write?

Here’s a list of some of the simplest characters in the Chinese language:

  • 一 (yī) – “one”
  • 二 (èr) – “two”
  • 三 (sān) – “three”
  • 四 (sì) – “four”
  • 五 (wǔ) – “five”
  • 六 (liù) – “six”
  • 七 (qī) – “seven.
  • 八 (bā) – “eight”

Which Chinese characters should I learn first?

If you only want to travel in China or learn some daily Chinese or make some Chinese friends, I recommend you to learn Chinese pinyin first. Many Chinese learners chose learn pinyin first,but notlearn Chinese pinyin and Chinese character together.

What is the hardest Chinese character to write?

character biáng
The character biáng requires 62 total strokes to write and contains a 馬 horse, 月 moon,刂 knife and 心 heart plus other radicals. Biáng doesn’t exist in Modern Standard Mandarin which only serves to increase the mystery and intrigue surrounding the character.

How can I memorize Chinese characters easily?

How to Memorize Chinese Characters: 7 Simple Steps

  1. Break Down Chinese Characters. Parts of a Chinese Character. The Logic Behind Stroke Order.
  2. Go Back in Time.
  3. Write, Write, Write!
  4. Read Parallel Texts.
  5. Sign up for Calligraphy Classes.
  6. Watch Chinese TV Shows, Movies and Videos.
  7. Embrace the Wonders of Karaoke.

Can you learn two languages on Rosetta Stone?

With 25 languages to choose from, you’re not limited to learning just one language! Rosetta Stone offers an unlimited language subscription for the lifetime of the product, making learning more than one language more convenient that ever before.