Is Romeo y Julieta 1875 a good cigar?

Is Romeo y Julieta 1875 a good cigar?

Is Romeo y Julieta 1875 a good cigar?

With an esteemed 92-rating, 1875 is officially one of the best Romeo y Julieta cigars around. The Romeo y Julieta 1875 review states, β€œIt has a heavy aroma and a clean, white ash. Strong, toasty flavors smack of wood and leather. There’s a sweetness to the long finish.”…

Brand: Romeo y Julieta Cigars
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Is Romeo y Julieta good?

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cedro Deluxe No. 2 – 4.5 stars across 33 Reviews. Romeo y Julieta 1875 is often the first ‘real cigar’ a budding cigar smoker lights up to take off their training wheels. The blend is medium-bodied and favors notes of oak, cedar, and nuts with faint spices and even some more peppery moments.

How long do Romeo and Juliet cigars last?

The unique tubes keep FRESH SMOKE cigars at a PERFECTLY FRESH 69% humidity and ready to be enjoyed for up to ONE YEAR!

What do Romeo and Juliet cigars taste like?

Leather, light pepper and smooth, buttery notes linger on the cold taste. As I light up, an acidic citrus flavor and a bit of saltiness kicks in. Thankfully, after about a half inch, the profile smooths out nicely. A background pepper flavor is perfectly balanced by a creamy, earthy profile.

What kind of cigar is a Romeo Julieta?

Romeo y Julieta is a brand of premium cigars, currently owned by Imperial Brands….Romeo y Julieta (cigar)

Product type Cigar
Produced by Habanos S.A. Altadis
Country Cuba Dominican Republic
Introduced 1875
Related brands Cohiba Montecristo

Are all Romeo y Julieta cigars Cuban?

The Cuban Romeo y Julieta brand formerly began in Cuba in 1875 by two men, Inocencio Alvarez and Manin Garcia. Even in its early years, this Cuban Cigar brand became highly respected and quite popular.

How do you store Romeo y Julieta cigars?

Keep away from the fridge or freezer! This is a common a misconception that cigars are best stored in fridge or freezer. Fridge is a very dry environment and tends to dry the cigars. Keeping cigars in room temperature is fine.