Is Port Austin worth visiting?

Is Port Austin worth visiting?

Is Port Austin worth visiting?

It’s a quaint and comfortable beach vacation spot, with one of the best farmers markets in the state: the Port Austin Farmers Market brings in fresh produce from the surrounding farms and draws large crowds regularly. It’s also one of the most popular farmers markets in the state!

Can you boat to Turnip Rock?

Kayak or boat is the way to go. Because of its location along the Lake Huron shoreline, Turnip Rock has become a popular kayak destination — Port Austin Kayak can hook you up with rentals and point you in the right direction.

Is Turnip Rock on private property?

Its consequent unusual form, reminiscent of a turnip, has made it a popular tourist attraction, although it is located entirely on private property. The only access to Turnip Rock is by water, and there is no public road access.

What is Port Austin MI known for?

Discover Port Austin This charming village boasts one of the largest Farmers Markets in Michigan. The picturesque stacked rock formation, known as Turnip Rock, is located in Lake Huron accessible only by boat or kayak and is one of the great natural wonders of Michigan.

What lake is Port Austin on?

Lake Huron
Welcome to the Greater Port Austin Area Visit Port Austin, the tip of Michigan’s Thumb, and be immersed in the best that Lake Huron has to offer: beautiful sunrise AND sunset over the water, sandy beaches and dunes, unique rock formations, fishing and water sport rentals to mention just a few.

How long is the kayak trip to Turnip Rock?

4 hours
Kayaking From Port Austin To Turnip Rock and Pointe Aux Barques

Put in – Kayak access point Bird Creek Park
Distance 7 miles
Total trip time (including stops) 4 hours
Shore Line Mostly cliffs and rocky shoreline. Some areas of reeds and aquatic vegetation growing in shallow water. Small beach area at Turnip Rock

Can you hike to Turnip Rock?

However, the unique rock formation is located on private land and is considered part of the Pointe Aux Barques cottage community. Thus you can’t climb Turnip Rock. Access to Turnip Rock is only available as a guest of a member of the Pointe Aux Barques community or access by water with a kayak or canoe.

How big is Port Austin?

640 acresPort Austin / Area

Can you paddle board to Turnip Rock?

#7 Turnip Rock is an Easy Paddle Turnip Rock can only be reached by kayak or canoe. Paddling to turnip rock is not hard. Located at the tip of the thumb, it’s about a four-hour round trip from Port Austin.