Is matsyagandha a train?

Is matsyagandha a train?

Is matsyagandha a train?

Train number 12619 is a train running between Mumbai and Mangalore. Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra and Mangalore is located in the state of Karnataka….Matsyagandha Express -12619 ( Lokmanyatilak T to Mangalore Cntl )

No. 15
Station name (code) Honnavar (HNA)
Arrives 03:42
Departs 03:44
Stop time 2 min

Is Matsyagandha Express Cancelled?

Train no. 12224 Ernakulam Jn. – Lokmanya Tilak (T) Express journey commences on 02/02/2022 (Wednesday) & 06/02/2022 (Sunday) is fully cancelled.

Where is matsyagandha located?

Matsyagandha literally means “Smell of Fish” – the appellation was given since the train runs along the fishing coast of Western India adjoining the Arabian Sea–Konkan Railway route. The name is based on a name of character from the epic Mahabharata. It is a story of Satyavati who smell like a fish (Matsyagandha).

Does Matsyagandha Express running status?

Matsyagandha Express departs from Lokmanya Tilak Term at 15:20 pm with an average delay of No Delay and arrives at at 07:40 am with an average delay of No Delay.

Does Matsyagandha Express have pantry?

Seat Availability of 12619/20 Matsyagandha Express The superfast express covers a total distance of 883 km in about 16 hours. There are 21 coaches in the express, including AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, general unreserved and sleeper category coaches. There is no pantry car attached within the express.

What is the Konkan railway route?

The Konkan Railway lines span 738 km through the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. It passes through some of the most scenic spots. This route goes through the beautiful Western Ghats and has numerous tunnels and bridges with hundreds of streams and rivers.

What is 2S in Matsyagandha Express?

Matsyagandha Express (PT) has maximum stoppage of 10 minutes at Madgaon Junction. Matsyagandha Express (PT) has 23 coaches that contains 2 SECOND AC coach, 7 SECOND SEATING coach, 3 THIRD AC coach, 10 SLEEPER CLASS coach.

Is train available for Gokarna?

There are 2 weekly trains and 0 daily trains that run from Bangalore to Gokarna , covering the shortest distance of about 1592 km by KARWAR EXP(16513).

How many days are enough for Gokarna?

You can explore Gokarna over 2 to 3 days trip but if you have some more days in hand, some nearby locations can be included in your Gokarna tour packages. Yana Caves – Located at a distance of 52 kilometers from Gokarna, Yana lies in Kumta village of North Karnataka.