Is Marvin Hamlisch alive?

Is Marvin Hamlisch alive?

Is Marvin Hamlisch alive?

August 6, 2012Marvin Hamlisch / Date of death

How old is Marvin Hamlisch?

68 years (1944–2012)Marvin Hamlisch / Age at death

Who is Marvin Hamlisch wife?

Terre BlairMarvin Hamlisch / Wife (m. 1989–2012)Terre Blair is a former broadcast journalist and producer, having worked for television networks ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS. She was married to composer Marvin Hamlisch from 1989 until his death in 2012. As a young woman, she earned national recognition as Miss Columbus USA. Wikipedia

Where is Marvin Hamlisch buried?

Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries, Los Angeles, CAMarvin Hamlisch / Place of burialMount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery is the largest Jewish cemetery organization in California. Wikipedia

What illness did Marvin Hamlisch have?

Hamlisch also had a Pulitzer Prize and several Golden Globes. , the death certificate, filed in Los Angeles, shows that Hamlisch died primarily from respiratory arrest (lung failure) caused by a combination of anoxic brain encephalopathy (failure of oxygen to reach the brain) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Where is Marvin Hamlisch from?

Manhattan, New York, NYMarvin Hamlisch / Place of birth

Marvin Frederick Hamlisch was born June 2, 1944, in New York . His father, Max, was an accordionist, and at age 5 Mr. Hamlisch was reproducing on the piano songs he heard on the radio; Juilliard soon followed.

How did Marvin Hamlisch meet his wife?

Viewers will also be amazed with the deeply personal interview with Hamlisch’s wife, Terre. His housekeeper and a friend’s housekeeper connected the two, and they carried on a phone romance for months. Hamlisch proposed without ever having met her, and their relationship revitalized his life.

Did Terre Blair remarry?

Sweet Smell of Success: Wife of Late Broadway Legend Nabs BK Heights Pad for $2.4 M. When Terre Blair, a one-time news anchor, agreed to marry Marvin Hamlisch—fabled Broadway composer of A Chorus Line, Sweet Smell of Success, winner of Oscars, Tonys and a Pullitzer—it was sight-unseen.