Is Marikina flood prone?

Is Marikina flood prone?

Is Marikina flood prone?

“The Marikina River is a natural water catchment, which makes it prone to flooding,” he says. “Most of the floodwater in Marikina and other cities in Metro Manila is caused by run-off from the slopes of the Sierra Madre mountain range, where there has been unabated quarrying and deforestation.”

Why does Marikina overflow?

On November 11, 2020, in the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic, the Philippines and other nearby countries were ravaged by Typhoon Ulysses (international Name: Vamco). It is only just a few days after Typhoon Rolly (international name: Goni) made landfall. This catastrophe made Marikina River overflow.

What date is Habagat?

On 6-7 August 2012, heavy rains brought by the southwest monsoon (Habagat) and enhanced by Tropical Storm Haikui dumped 323mm of rainfall in Central and south Luzon over a period of 24 hours. As a result, flood waters swept the National Capital Region (NCR) as well as Regions II and IV-A.

Is Marikina a flood plain?

GATAN,2009). The flood caused damage on a large scale, affecting many people and causing 121 deaths (half the total for Metro Manila). The flood plain lies mostly in Marikina city, but part of it extends upstream into Quezon City. In Marikina city alone, there were approximately 180,000 people affected by the flooding.

What dams affect Marikina River?

San Rafael in Rodriguez, the Marikina River is dammed by Wawa Dam, a structure built during the early 1900s to provide water for Manila. From Rodriguez, the river flows through San Mateo then to its namesake city of Marikina.

What is Marikina River normal water level?

The river’s depth ranges from 3 to 21 metres (9.8 to 68.9 ft) and spans from 70 to 120 metres (230 to 390 ft). It has a total area of nearly 75.2 hectares (0.752 km2) and is 27 kilometres (17 mi) long. The riverbank has an elevation of 8 meters above sea level at the boundary of San Mateo and Marikina.

Is Angat Dam connected to Marikina River?

Map 1: Dams within Marikina Watershed. ( Angat and La Mesa Dams do not overflow through the Marikina River; there are no dams in the Marikina Valley. Wawa Dam was built in the 1900s and has been non-operational since the 1950s.

What month is habagat season?

The climate is governed by two main seasons or winds, called the Amihan and Habagat. The Amihan wind (from the North) lasts from October to the end of March, while the Habagat (from the South) rules the other half of the year.

What months of the year habagat is experienced?

The southwest monsoon affects the country from late June to October (occurrence may also vary each year). Low season in the Philippines occurs during the habagat season because of frequent rainfall and high humidity. A series of flash floods and landslides are regular incidents during this season.

What is the biggest flash flood in the Philippines?

The greatest tragedy during Tropical Storm Thelma took place in the city of Ormoc after torrential rains overwhelmed the Anilao–Malbasag watershed, sending flood waters rushing down the deforested mountainside. This water flowed into the Anilao and Malbasag rivers, located north of Ormoc.