Is Mamiya a good camera?

Is Mamiya a good camera?

Is Mamiya a good camera?

I recommend the Mamiya RZ67 to anyone looking to get into medium format and is looking for a different shooting experience than your standard SLR style camera. It is so easy to fall in love with and won’t let you down!

Is Mamiya Japanese?

Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. (Japanese: マミヤ・デジタル・イメージング 株式会社, Hepburn: Mamiya Dejitaru Imējingu Kabushiki-gaisha, IPA: [maꜜmija deʑitaɾɯ imeꜜːʑiŋɡɯ kabɯɕi̥ki ɡaꜜiɕa]) is a Japanese company that manufactures high-end cameras and other related photographic and optical equipment.

Is the Mamiya 6 worth it?

The Mamiya 6 is hands down the best medium format camera you can still get today. And there are lots of great reasons for that. First off, there’s a cult of photographers that say that anything smaller than 6×7 is a waste. I recognize and understand your arguments.

How many shots are in a Mamiya C330?

The Mamiya uses 120 film, 12 shots a roll, costs about $1 an image.

How heavy is a Mamiya C330?

The Mamiya C330 Professional is a traditional film twin-lens reflex camera introduced in the 1970s for the professional and advanced amateur photography markets. This model was 340 grams lighter than the previous model C33, which weighed 2040 grams (with 80 mm lens).

What is the meaning of Mamiya?

A submission from Rwanda says the name Mamiya means “A place in the temple” and is of Japanese origin.

What language is Mamiya?

తెలుగు (Telugu) ภาษาไทย (Thai)

What is the difference between Bronica Etrs and ETRSi?

The major difference between the ETR, and later models like the ETRS and ETRSi, is that the newer cameras feature more advanced electronics and features. The ETRS and ETRSi can both use the Auto Exposure, or AE meters, which have a built-in light meter that can automatically adjust shutter speed based on the reading.

Is Mamiya 645 heavy?

The Mamiya 7 II and its rangefinder design simply isn’t suited for that kind of shooting, and the RB67 is heavy enough with the standard 90mm lens, let alone the 500mm f/6 lens that weighs more than 5 lb itself.

What film does Mamiya use?

The Mamiya 645 camera systems are a series of medium format film and digital cameras and lenses manufactured by Mamiya and its successors. They are called “645” because they use the nominal 6 cm x 4.5 cm film size from 120 roll film….Mamiya 645.

Film advance Manual or Auto
Focus Manual focus

What happened to Mamiya?

The original company, doing business as Mamiya-OP, continues to exist and makes a variety of industrial and electronics products.

Who made Bronica lenses?

Zenzaburō Yoshino

Native name ブロニカ株式会社
Industry photography (camera and lens manufacturer)
Founded June 30, 1956 in Tokyo, Japan
Founder Zenzaburō Yoshino
Fate Acquired by Tamron Co., Ltd. (July 1998)

Does Bronica Etrsi need battery?

You need a 4LR44 which is a 6 volt battery.

Is Mamiya 645 Sharp?

Mamiya claims these M645 lenses are “razor-sharp.” I’m not entirely positive this is the case when compared to newer lenses, though that’s probably to be expected.

Is the Mamiya RB67 a good camera?

The Mamiya RB67 PRO S is a high quality medium format 120mm film camera for 6×7 format photos. It’s recommended to have a good understanding of photography and film photography before picking this camera up. However, if you know what you are doing, this camera will produce outstanding image quality.

Did Mamiya go out of business?

Is Mamiya same as Phase 1?

Mamiya is a trademark licensed by Phase One A/S. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Is the Bronica SQ series worth it?

If you just plan on having one or two lenses, that’s not such a big variable. The Bronica SQ series uses lenses with Seiko shutters that are electronic but virtually bullet proof. The SQA and SQAi with its PS lenses is the best of the lot.

What is the best Mamiya to buy?

The big Mamiyas are great, but as you say not portable. Looking at your list, I’d say the most adjusted to your enquiries is the Hasselblad (format aside). A Mamiya 6 could be also a good option (but it is a “true” 6×6).

Is the Bronica ETRSi system worth it?

The various Kiev systems also have a wide array of lenses and balky body engineering. The elderly Bronica focal plane systems with Nikon optics can be fun to use, but heavy, extremely loud, and very difficult to get repaired. I was really swayed by the price of the Bronica ETRSI but the repairs being difficult to source puts me off.

What is the difference between the Mamiya 645 and 645 AF?

The sturdy first-gen Mamiya M645 system is not quite as intuitive or ergonomic for fast handling, and trades the leaf shutters for lens versatility and speed options. The Contax 645, Pentax 645, Hasselblad H, and later Mamiya 645 AF updates add integrated motor drive, AE and AF at much higher cost and noise.