Is London Business School MBA worth it?

Is London Business School MBA worth it?

Is London Business School MBA worth it?

An LBS MBA student has the option to complete the MBA in 15, 18, or 21 months. The London Business School is also highly ranked. In 2019, Financial Times ranked it number two business schools in Europe, and Forbes ranked LBS as the number one 2-year international MBA program.

Is London Business School a good Business School?

Outstanding academic expertise, outstanding global perspective, outstanding results. London Business School is consistently ranked as one of the best business schools in the world.

Is London Business School better than Oxford?

LBS and Oxford Saïd are highly comparable when it comes to your MBA education. If you’re looking for more opportunities to learn and tailor your education, LBS is the better choice. If you’re looking to graduate more quickly and get back to work, Oxford Saïd might be the better choice.

Is LBS MBA hard to get into?

GMAT. As noted in the class profile, the average GMAT score achieved by LBS’s last cohort was 700, with a class range of 600 to 800. It is important to note that LBS states that while a below-average score “does not always eliminate a candidate,” 600 is the minimum score that they will accept.

How competitive is LBS MBA?

What is the typical acceptance rate to the London Business School MBA program? [Admission is] highly competitive, but we do not give out an acceptance rate. Most applicants could do a top MBA program elsewhere.

Is Oxford MBA prestigious?

Oxford Saïd, the business school of the University of Oxford, is one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious Universities. This bastion of British excellence has maintained the #12 slot for the past two years in Bloomberg Businessweek’s European MBA Ranking, and the Financial Times ranked it #17 in 2021.

Is Said business school accredited?

The school is closely integrated with the University of Oxford and draws on its resources but it also has its own faculty. The MBA programme is highly international in terms of both the students and content….Accreditation.


What GMAT score do I need for London Business School?

You must ensure that your GMAT score is valid upon submitting your application. Our average GMAT score for the MBA2023 class was 708, with a class range of 590 to 790. We will look at all elements of your score and although a good score is preferable, the GMAT is just one of several admissions criteria.

What is the acceptance rate of London Business School?

In the 2016-2017 cycle, the London Business School received 2,740 applications, accepting 685 candidates for an acceptance rate of 25%.