Is Linkin Park getting a new singer?

Is Linkin Park getting a new singer?

Is Linkin Park getting a new singer?

Three years ago, Shinoda shot down reports that LINKIN PARK was actively searching for a replacement for Bennington. In February 2019, Shinoda took to his Twitter account to write: “Lemme clarify a rumor: we are not looking for a new singer, and if it were to happen organically, I’d be open.

Is Linkin Park still together 2022?

Day by day, fans have been hoping to be arrived by exciting news, but Linkin Park still has no new tour plans, making new music, or recording a new album in 2022, although the band’s bassist told in 2020 that they were working up on new ideas.

Is Linkin Park ever going to make a new album?

On April 28, 2020, bassist Dave Farrell revealed the band is working on new music. On August 13, the band released “She Couldn’t”, a track that was originally recorded in 1999, and it was included on a 20th anniversary edition of their debut album Hybrid Theory, released on October 9.

Is Linkin Park working on a new album?

In a recent Twitch livestream, Mike Shinoda gave a brief update on Linkin Park’s current status. Despite members of the band talking “every few weeks”, the vocalist says they have no plans yet for a new album or tour – and that’s just about as far as any ‘news’ goes right now.

What’s Mike Shinoda doing now?

Shinoda, 44, was most recently announced as an investor in Authentic Artists, a seed-stage, AI-powered virtual-artist platform — yes, that is a platform for fictional, digitally-created artists — that just unveiled 12 prototypes ranging from a “lo-fi loving cyborg” to a “high-octane, half-iguana DJ.” The startup’s …

Who is joining Linkin Park?

Hatebreed Vocalist Thinks He’d Be A Great Fit. It’s surreal to imagine a new Linkin Park singer. While the band are continuing forth to make new music, the late Chester Bennington was such an essential part of the band.

Who sounds most like Chester Bennington?

Alex McMillan sounds SO much like Chester Bennington!

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Is Linkin Park Making a Comeback?

Sad news for avid listeners, it appears that fans won’t be getting new music and tours anytime soon as the singer gave an update on their setup. In a Twitch session, Shinoda said he and his bandmates, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, and Joe Hahn, only talk to each other every few weeks. a.

Is Linkin Park the best band ever?

No. Not even close. Biggest rock bands include the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Metallica. One does not simply compare Linkin Park to these legends. Sure, LP is a popular band; but not that popular. Their Hybrid Theory album has sold 27 million copies worldwide in 15 years.

Are there any good bands like Linkin Park?

The Rolling Stones

  • Metallica
  • Iron Maiden
  • AC-DC
  • How many band members are there in Linkin Park?

    Vocalists Mark Wakefield and Chester Bennington and bassist Kyle Christner are former members of the band. Formed in 1996, Linkin Park rose to international fame with their debut studio album, Hybrid Theory (2000), which was certified diamond by the RIAA in 2005, and multi-platinum in several other countries.

    Who are the band members of Linkin Park?

    Kyle Christener (Stand-in) Scott Koziol (Stand-in) Mark Wakefield. Chester Bennington. Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Since its formation in 1996, the band has sold more than 100 million albums and won two Grammy Awards.