Is Lake Mission Viejo open to public?

Is Lake Mission Viejo open to public?

Is Lake Mission Viejo open to public?

Lake Mission Viejo is a private lake, which is part of an HOA. From the outside, it looks inviting. But the place is very exclusive. You can take a 3.25 mile walk along the trail that follows surface streets which surround the lake and neighborhoods, but that’s it.

Are guests allowed at Lake Mission Viejo?

GUESTS. All guests must have in their possession an LMVA guest pass with the appropriate color for the day. Guests with a fishing pass must display their pass while fishing. Each family is entitled to fifteen (15) guests per day (varies in the summer season).

Who can access Lake Viejo?

Only association members, who pay more than $200 annually, can access the lake. And only those who live within portions of the city originally developed by the Mission Viejo Co. can be members.

How do you become a member of Mission Viejo Lake?

Call the Lake Association Membership office at (949) 770-1313 ext. 212 to schedule an appointment. All household members who are eight (8) years of age and older will need to have a picture ID card(s) made. We do not require every member to present at the initial appointment.

Can u swim in Lake Mission Viejo?

Here are some things to remember if you want to go swimming in Lake Mission Viejo: Swimming is not allowed in the Lake when no Lifeguard is available on duty. Lifeguards may require proof of swimming ability. Only float devices made from soft materials are allowed.

Is Mission Viejo Lake man made?

Lake Mission Viejo is a 124-acre man-made recreational Lake located in the Northern portion of the planned community of Mission Viejo. The maximum depth of the Lake exceeds 70 feet near the dam with an overall average depth of 30 feet. The Lake holds 3,800 acre feet of water (1.2 billion gallons).

Can you fish at Lake Mission Viejo?

Fishing the Lake Lake Mission Viejo stocks Tilapia, Catfish and Bluegill, along with Black Crappie. Mosquito Fish, Golden Shiner and Fathead Minnows are stocked as forage fish. Over 5,800 lbs. of catchable fish were stocked the summer of 2019, including 1,650 lbs.

Can you smoke on a Duffy boat?

No smoking, candles, animals, swimming, fishing or Mylar (foil) balloons are allowed.

Is Mission Viejo lake man made?

Are there fish in Lake Mission Viejo?

What kind of fish are in Lake Mission Viejo?