Is KLEKT a reliable website?

Is KLEKT a reliable website?

Is KLEKT a reliable website?

In short, yes! Klekt is a legit and trusted website that you can use to buy and sell both sneakers and streetwear. With thousands of orders a month happening, Klekt has managed to obtain a solid score of 4.0/5.0 on Trustpilot also.

Where is KLEKT located?

KLEKT is located in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany .

Is KLEKT from Europe?

KLEKT is one of Europe’s leading online sneaker markets. Connecting buyers and sellers internationally. The KLEKT platform is a place for sneaker merchants to trade their most sought after sneaker and streetwear items.

Is KLEKT brand new?

For New items, we ask that the item be brand new in box, with no signs of wear and include any additional accessories that it may have come with at the original time of purchase. You can find out more about the KLEKT condition guide by clicking here.

How long do Klekt take to deliver?

Orders can take up to 14 working days to be dispatched once the order has been placed, sometimes this can vary due to delays with customs.

Can I return on Klekt?

Can I return my order? As all purchases are from private Sellers, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for items. Once a Buyer has placed an order and the Seller has been forwarded the proceeds of that sale, we are unable to recall those payments.

How long does it take for Klekt to ship?

On average, after placing an order, you can expect for your item to be dispatched within 7-12 Working Days. The average delivery time from our warehouse to you is currently 3-5 Working Days from dispatch.

What are Klekt fees?

With KLEKT, fees are added to the payout price. This amounts to 20 percent on top of the payout, with €10 (approximately $11) flat rate shipping costs. So in short, KLEKT lets sellers see their entire payout with fees before an item is listed, with all fees being moved on to the buyer.