Is Katherine Gorge worth visiting?

Is Katherine Gorge worth visiting?

Is Katherine Gorge worth visiting?

Katherine is a great base for exploring the nearby gorge country and learning about local Aboriginal culture. Stop in at the galleries in town showcasing Aboriginal art, where you can meet the artists, browse the pieces or buy one of your own to take home.

Can you see Katherine Gorge without a tour?

Nitmiluk National Park has a number of attractions, so driving or taking an organised tour are the best ways to see everything. All attractions are accessible with a regular vehicle, a 4WD is not necessary. There are well marked walking tracks in the park, ranging from one hour walks to the five-day Jatbula Trail.

How long do you need in Katherine Gorge?

If you want to enjoy some of the many other tours on offer here, including dawn cruises, sunset dinner cruises or helicopter tours that allow you to see further up the gorge, 2-3 days really is required.

Can you drive into Katherine Gorge?

The Park’s main entrance is located 30 km northeast of Katherine via a sealed road. Katherine is located 310 km south of Darwin along the Stuart Highway. This road is called gorge road and also we knoew it as Maud Creek Road on occassions.

Which is better Kakadu or Katherine?

Kakadu is where to go for escarpment scenery, floodplains, crocs, birds, rock art. Katherine’s main point of difference is its gorge. All three have excellent walking trails, though I’d say Kakadu offers more spectacular options for fit folk, particularly those with the benefit of a 4wd that can get to some of them.

Where do you stop between Katherine and Alice Springs?

The best attraction on the Alice Springs to Katherine drive in the Northern Territory is the Devil’s Marbles (Karlu Karlu). The Wycliffe Well roadhouse is another worthwhile Stuart Highway stop, too. If you drive between Alice Springs and Katherine Gorge, you’re likely doing it out of necessity or a sense of mission.

Are there crocodiles in Katherine Gorge?

Seeing that the Katherine Gorge supports a large population of freshwater crocodiles, and considering how much the average tourist knows about crocodiles, I doubt what they saw was a salty… There are three large male freshwater crocodiles living in the lower gorges. They are around three metres long.

How much does it cost to go to Katherine Gorge?

There are no entry fees for the Nitmiluk National Park. Tour Information: All Boat Tours require walking between the Gorges along man-made, uneven paths (min 800m total per tour).

How many days do you need at Mataranka?

two days would be enough though. Many stay overnight there. over a year ago.

Where do you stay between Katherine and Kununurra?

Wirib Tourism Park sits between Katherine and Kununurra on the Victoria Highway in the Northern Territory. Indigenous owned, Wirib welcomes all travellers, but we are particularity well set up to service caravanners and campers with heaps of shady, large, powered and unpowered camping spots.

What do you do between Katherine and Darwin?

5-day Darwin to Katherine road trip

  • Day 1: Darwin to Adelaide River, via the jumping crocs.
  • Day 2: Adelaide River to Litchfield National Park and Katherine.
  • Day 3: Explore Katherine and surrounds.
  • Day 4: Katherine to Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge.
  • Day 5: Katherine to Darwin via Umbrawarra Gorge Nature Park.

Why visit Nitmiluk&Katherine Gorge?

Katherine Gorge has some of the most stunning scenery in the Northern Territory, Katherine Gorge “Nitmiluk” has a variety of cruises & times to choose from. The colours of the early morning awaken as you emerge into the first gorge.

What are the best cruises in Katherine Gorge?

Katherine Gorge Cruises. 1 Katherine Gorge Dawn Cruise. The colours of the early morning awaken as you emerge into the first gorge. See the mist rising above the smooth water’s 2 Nit Nit Dreaming Katherine Gorge Cruise. 3 Timeless Land 3 Gorge Cruise. 4 Nabilil Dreaming Sunset Dinner Cruise.

How many gorges are there in Katherine Gorge?

Katherine Gorge consists of 13 ancient sandstone gorges carved out by the Katherine River and it’s only half an hours’ drive from Katherine. There are many ways to view the Gorge; boat cruises, canoe hire, hiking, plane and helicopter flights.

Where are the best places to see turtles in Mataranka?

Bitter Springs is a short distance from Mataranka and is renowned for the resident turtles. Make sure you bring your goggles and snorkel so you can get a close-up view of these incredible creatures!