Is Jax a good Jungler?

Is Jax a good Jungler?

Is Jax a good Jungler?

Jax is a melee Fighter champion that generally plays top lane but it is also possible to play him as a jungler. He is moderately difficult to play and new comers to the game may struggle a bit with his general style of play.

What Lane is Jax?

Position/Role. Jax has two main positions where he can become deadly, in the jungle or at top lane. He can also play mid lane, against champions like Riven and Talon, since he only has one gap closer and no silence/knock up/instant stun it may be a hard fought match.

Is Jax good in Wild Rift?

Jax is a top-lane fighter. He is not the best early game champion, he becomes a bit stronger in the mid-game once you get your core items, but the late game is really where Jax thrives.

What should I buy for Jax?

Smite as your summoner spells.

  • Trinity Force.
  • Plated Steelcaps.
  • Blade of the Ruined King.
  • Black Cleaver.
  • Death’s Dance.
  • Sterak’s Gage.

Where do I start Jax jungle?

Jax Jungle Path —six camp clear with a Blue Buff start Begin by killing the Blue Buff with Empower and unlock Counter Strike at level two.

Who can counter Jax?

The best champions that counter Jax are Akali, Pantheon, Malphite, Gangplank and Gragas.

Who wins Jax or Yorick?

Jax wins against Yorick 45.45% of the time which is 5.44% lower against Yorick than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Jax wins against Yorick 5.13% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Jax build & runes against Yorick.

What Lane is Jax best in?

Jax relies heavily on facing an auto-attack heavy champion, Jax is suited to top-lane, where he can win out most duels. There are some champions that can bully Jax early and even push him away later into the game, but the fact is, Jax is one of the best scaling champions on League of Legends.

Does Jax counter sett?

Jax wins against Sett 51.70% of the time which is 2.23% higher against Sett than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Jax wins against Sett 2.23% more often than would be expected.

Is Jax difficult to play?

Mechanically he is easy, but he is difficult to master in the sense that he is not easy to lane with. His laning phase is very difficult and unforgiving, and there is a huge mastery curve on how you play that. There are also small nuances to hit kit that are not necessarily difficult but not easy either.

Is Jax strong early?

Jax isn’t very strong early on as he is quite item reliant. He should be focusing on farming and short skirmishes to clean up kills. Neutral objective fights are situations where he can capitalize on this objective. He should also be using the lane brushes to go for short burst trades in the lane.