Is it possible to get hacked on 4chan?

Is it possible to get hacked on 4chan?

Is it possible to get hacked on 4chan?

4chan frequently appears in the media as a breeding ground for leet hackerz and DoS attacks, so this security breach is surprising, but it is not necessarily earth shattering. After all, any trip to 4chan’s most notorious boards could result in a page loading that appears to have been hacked.

What was Breachcomp2 0?

The Breachcomp2. 0 data dump is the largest of its kind, exposing 3.2 billion username-password combos on the dark web. This leak has many cybersecurity implications and affected individuals should change their login credentials immediately.

Were passwords leaked in the Twitch leak?

Twitch has definitively stated that passwords weren’t exposed in last week’s major data breach. “Twitch passwords have not been exposed,” Twitch said in an update to its webpage about the security incident.

Did Twitch passwords get hacked?

Popular streaming platform Twitch confirmed that it was the victim of a data leak last week, which included source code and earnings. Twitch said it doesn’t believe credit card numbers or login credentials were exposed, and cited a server configuration error. The leak was estimated to effect nearly 2.5 million users.

What is comb breach?

The Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB) was recently made available via an online forum, as broken by CyberNews, and contains over 3.2 billion credentials built up of unique pairs of cleartext emails and passwords aggregated from previous leaks, including log-in details from Netflix, LinkedIn,, Bitcoin, and …

What’s the Twitch leak?

On October 6, crucial information regarding Twitch leaked onto message board 4chan, a site famous for suspect content. In this instance, the poster dumped 128 gigabytes of data harvested from the livestreaming service, including a full breakdown of income from the site dating back to August 2019.

What did the Twitch hack leak?

Global streaming site Twitch, estimated to have approximately 1.3 million monthly active users in the UK alone, has allegedly been victim of a data breach after an anonymous hacker posted a link to a 128GB file said to contain high profile and sensitive data, including creator payouts since 2019 and Twitch source code.

How did Twitch leak?

Twitch now says the breach was caused by a “server configuration change” that “exposed” some data. But it has not confirmed if all the data posted online is genuine. The Amazon-owned company said the breach had involved “a Twitch server configuration change that was subsequently accessed by a malicious third party”.