Is it make my day or made my day?

Is it make my day or made my day?

Is it make my day or made my day?

Both are correct. You make my day special means that the person’s presence or activity done by them makes your day special. You made my day special means that they made your day special and you are thankful for that person.

What should I reply to you made my day?

You can reply by a simple “Thank you.” If you rather not have further communication with the other person, thank you is enough. If you want the communication to go further you can add “Thank you. I appreciate that.” or “You made my day too.” A simple, “thanks, I’m glad I could help” can go a long way.

Can I say you made my day?

“You have made my day”, in the present perfect tense, is grammatically correct. “You made my day”, in the past simple tense, is used for something that happened yesterday. So the correct versions are “you have made my day today” “you made my day yesterday.”

What can I say instead of made my day?

Synonyms of ‘make someone’s day’ in British English

  • make someone happy.
  • delight someone.
  • cheer someone up.
  • hearten someone.
  • enliven someone.
  • gladden someone.
  • perk someone up.
  • gee someone up.

How do you say message made my day?

Some examples from the web:

  1. You’ll also be happy to know that your message made it onto the airwaves.
  2. You’ve really made my day.
  3. You simultaneously made my day and ruined his.
  4. You have just made my day.
  5. You’ve made my day, Miss Hawkins.
  6. It made my day seeing you, brother.
  7. You two just made my day.
  8. You just made my day.

What’s a word for making someone happy?

What is another word for make happy?

gratify delight
make content oblige
pamper recompense
requite give pleasure to
give someone pleasure buck up