Is Google podcast free to use?

Is Google podcast free to use?

Is Google podcast free to use?

Aside from only one podcast that has an exclusive deal with Spotify, all of my podcasts are in the app. Not to mention that Google Podcasts isn’t only free to download, it’s also ad-free so you get an uninterrupted experience.

What is Google podcast used for?

Google Podcasts Features. The Google Podcasts app has several useful features, including downloading episodes for offline listening and syncing podcasts across devices to quickly resume an episode. In addition to Android and iOS, you can also browse through podcasts and listen to them on the web.

Where do I find Google Podcasts?

Listen to podcasts with Google Podcasts

  1. Download the Google Podcasts app.
  2. Ask your Google Assistant to play a specific podcast.
  3. Search for a podcast in your Google app. or on

Why is Prof G off Spotify?

Vox Media’s The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway and the Luminary-iHeartRadio produced The Roxanne Gay Agenda have both pulled their shows off Spotify in protest over what they believe is the company’s lackluster response to anti-vaccine misinformation on The Rogan Experience and other podcasts.

How do I create a Google podcast?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Google Play Podcast Portal. Sign in with a Google account.
  2. Click the “Add A Podcast” Button.
  3. Paste in your podcast’s RSS feed URL.
  4. Click “Submit RSS Feed”
  5. Verify Ownership (uses email in RSS feed)
  6. Review your podcast info.
  7. Click “Publish Podcast”
  8. Wait For Approval.

What is sway podcast?

“Sway” is an interview show hosted by Kara Swisher, “Silicon Valley’s most feared and well liked journalist.” Now taking on Washington, Hollywood and the world, Kara investigates power: who has it, who’s been denied it, and who dares to defy it. Every Monday and Thursday, from New York Times Opinion Audio.

How do I become a podcaster?

Table of Contents

  1. Choose a Podcast Topic You Can Commit To.
  2. Pick Your Podcast Name.
  3. Write a Compelling Podcast Description.
  4. Decide on Your Podcast Format.
  5. Get Your Podcast Artwork and Music Created.
  6. Purchase Your Podcast Equipment and Test Your Podcasting Software.
  7. Choose Your Podcast Hosting Service.