Is GMM Pfaudler a good investment?

Is GMM Pfaudler a good investment?

Is GMM Pfaudler a good investment?

Past 10 year’s financial track record analysis by Moneyworks4me indicates that GMM Pfaudler Ltd is a good quality company.

What is the target of GMM Pfaudler?

Date Stock Target
31 Jul 2020 GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 2657.00
28 May 2020 GMM Pfaudler Ltd.
28 May 2020 GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 2639.00
24 Jan 2020 GMM Pfaudler Ltd. 2201.00

Who bought GMM?

Pfaudler Inc., USA had acquired a majority stake in Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers renaming the company as GMM Pfaudler. In August, the Indian unit announced that it was buying a majority stake in the Pfaudler Group for $27.4 million from private equity firm Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Fund VI (DBAG).

What does GMM Pfaudler do?

GMM Pfaudler Ltd(GMMPL)[ formerly known as Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers] an Indian subsidiary of Pfaudler Inc of USA is primarily engaged in manufacture of corrosion resistant glass-lined equipment used primarily in the Chemical Pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Can we buy GMM Pfaudler share?

You can buy GMM Pfaudler Ltd shares through a brokerage firm.

Is GMM Pfaudler a good buy Quora?

GMM Pfaudler Ltd is supplier of engineered equipment and systems for critical applications in the global chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Latest news about GMM Pfaudlar is not good for retail investors who have bought it at higher levels of 6K +and 5K+.

Who owns GMM Pfaudler?

Robbins & Myers
GMM Pfaudler Ltd./Parent organizations

Who is Tarak Patel?

Managing Director, Gmm Pfaudler Ltd.

Is GMM Pfaudler MNC company?

Pfaudler, Inc. is an American multinational company best known for the invention of glass-coated steel, its successful commercialization and the subsequent production of storage tanks, reactors and other vessels for the brewing and chemical process industries.