Is Farah Khan a trained dancer?

Is Farah Khan a trained dancer?

Is Farah Khan a trained dancer?

Khan was studying sociology in St. Xavier’s College, Bombay when the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was released. She was so inspired, that although she hadn’t danced before that, it soon became her vocation. She learned to dance basically on her own, and set up a dance group.

Who is the husband of choreographer Farah Khan?

Shirish KunderFarah Khan / Husband (m. 2004)Shirish Kunder is an Indian filmmaker. After working as an editor on 21 films starting with Champion, Kunder made his screenwriting and directorial debut with Jaan-E-Mann. He is married to choreographer and film director Farah Khan whom he met while working on her 2004 film Main Hoon Na. Wikipedia

Is Farah Khan related to Shahrukh Khan?

Bollywood’s most renowned director Farah Khan and superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s strong friendship goes way back in time. The duo are not only best friends but they have also worked together and given us some blockbuster films to witness! One such film was the 2007 release ‘Om Shanti Om’.

How many songs Farah Khan choreographed?

100 songs
Farah Khan’s choreographed over 100 songs and has six Filmfare Awards for Best Choreography to her credit.

Did SRK slap Shirish?

It is said that after hearing what Shirish mumbled in SRK’s ears, it made the superstar lose all his calm completely and that’s when he caught Kunder by his collar and slapped him right across the face.

Did SRK slap Farah Khan husband?

Even when Dutt escorted SRK outside the venue to introduce him to a close friend, Kunder unabashedly followed them. Kunder placed himself right behind SRK and murmured something into his ear.” It was then that Khan took Kunder by his collar and slapped him.

What is the age difference between Farah Khan and her husband?

8- Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan This couple’s age gap is 8 Years. In 2008, they became parents of triplets (Two daughters and one son).