Is Faisalabad Medical University private or government?

Is Faisalabad Medical University private or government?

Is Faisalabad Medical University private or government?

Faisalabad Medical University

Motto یقین, ایمان, تنظیم, خدمت خلق
Motto in English Faith, Belief, Discipline, Service to Mankind
Type Public
Established 1973–74 as Punjab Medical College 2017 upgraded to Faisalabad Medical University
Endowment Rs. 460mn (as of 2014)

What is the fee structure of Punjab Medical College Faisalabad?

BS / Undergraduate Degree programs by PMC, Faisalabad Fee Structure 2022 and Last Merit

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year
BDS – Dentistry Admission 4 Years 15650
BS (HONS) – Medical Image Technology Admission 4 Years NA
MBBS – Medicine – Mbbs Admission 5 Years 15630

Why choose UMDC?

UMDC is not just a place to study and work, but also a place for living. It provides state of the art teaching facilities, best infrastructures and countless educational facilities for students.

How can I get admission in Faisalabad Medical University?

If a student wishes to get admission at PMC, then the first step after F.SC or any other equivalent degree is the entry test. The entry test, as directed by PMDC, is MDCAT. Read more details about the MDCAT (MCAT) and the admission process. For further information, visit the UHS website.

Which government medical College has lowest fees in Punjab?

Punjab Cheapest Private Medical College Fee Structure:-

Name of College Govt. Quota Management Quota
Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar 350,000/- 900,000/-
Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital, Banur 350,000/- 900,000/-
Chintpurni Medical College and Hospital, Pathankot 350,000/- 900,000/-

What is the fees of MBBS in private college in Punjab?

Punjab Private Medical College MBBS Fees Structure

Name of the College Govt Quota Management Quota
Dayanand Medical College, Civil Lines, Ludhiana 3,50,000 9,00,000
Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Amritsar 9,00,000 9,00,000
Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Garha Road, Jalandhar 3,50,000 9,00,000

Is United Medical Dental College good?

UMDC has been ranked amongst the top ten medical colleges in Pakistan and in the top two in Sindh by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). The college is affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University and is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and Ministry of Health, Pakistan Ministry of Health.

How can I get admission to FMU?

Faisalabad Medical University Admission 2022 Candidates with intermediate (pre-medical), or equivalent qualifications may apply for FMU admissions. Both males and women must have at least 60% in MDCAT to be eligible for FMU admissions. November is the last day for FMU BS admissions 2022.

What is the total area of Faisalabad?

502 mi²Faisalabad / Area