Is Browning A Bolt Medallion A good rifle?

Is Browning A Bolt Medallion A good rifle?

Is Browning A Bolt Medallion A good rifle?

Browning A-Bolt Rifle Shooting & Performance Review Since these Browning’s handle so well and shoot impeccably, they are the perfect hunting rifle for nearly all types of American game. In fact, with an effective firing range of nearly 1000 meters, you’d be hard bent to find a better hunting rifle for this price.

What is a Browning A Bolt Medallion?

It is a bolt action rifle with a gloss finished walnut with classic-style checkered detail and satin blued steel. It features a 22″ barrel and a 13 5/8″ length of pull. Overall weight is only 6lbs and 11oz. It comes as is with a Nikon “Buckmasters” 3-9×40 Scope and silicone scope cover.

Is the Browning A Bolt still made?

The A-Bolt Rifle is a bolt-action rifle designed by the American Browning Arms Company. It is manufactured by Miroku Corp in Japan. The A-Bolt replaced the Browning BBR in 1984. It is a popular hunting rifle due to its accuracy and availability….Browning A-Bolt.

A-Bolt Rifle
Feed system 3-, 4-, or 5-round detachable box magazine

What year was my Browning A Bolt made?

This would be a A-Bolt II Rifle, manufactured in 1998 with the serial number 01001….Serial Number Info.

1. Serial Number beginning with 01001 at the start of each year.
2. Date of Manufacture is a two digit code Z=1 Y=2 X=3 W=4 V=5 T=6 R=7 P=8 N=9 M=0
3. A-Bolt II Type 351=All A-Bolt II Centerfire Rifles

Does Browning make a good bolt action rifle?

The Browning is a smooth-cycling bolt rifle that runs flawlessly. All Hunter Long Range rifles are outfitted with heavy sporter barrels regardless of caliber, but barrel length depends upon which of the seven available chamber offerings you choose.

Why did Browning stop making the A-bolt?

Forty-six versions have already been discontinued for various reasons, mostly due to expired camouflage licenses, industry partnerships or defunct cartridges.

What model Browning A-Bolt do I have?

By Serial Number. Locate the serial number and identify the last three digits. They represent the following rifles: 351 is and A-Bolt II or I (original A-Bolt) 358 is the AB3.

Does Browning make a good bolt-action rifle?

Where are Browning rifles made?

Most Browning guns were made in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale (FN) until the mid 1970s when some production was shifted to Miroku in Japan. Today’s Browning firearms are made in either Belgium, Portugal, Japan or in the United States.