Is Bandcamp Com a legitimate site?

Is Bandcamp Com a legitimate site?

Is Bandcamp Com a legitimate site?

Firstly, BandCamp (more than other similar platforms or streaming services) do genuinely seem to have artists at the centre of what they do. Their quality is fantastic, especially the Bandcamp loudness. All artists are treated equally, no matter their fanbase or recognition.

Is Bandcamp high quality?

Bandcamp only lets you upload audio in lossless formats like WAV, FLAC, or AIF. It then converts the file into other formats to optimize streaming and high-quality downloads. This way, the quality of your music is preserved and all your audiophile fans are pleased.

How much money do artists make from Bandcamp?

We collect our 10-15% revenue share, plus payment processor fees, at the time of sale.

Is Bandcamp legit Reddit?

Definitely check out independent artists or even some small labels out from there. bandcamp is great, a solid platform for bands to hold their own fate, and since the pandemic they’ve been doing monthly fee-free days where all moneybgoes to the artists, which is super cool.

How does buying from Bandcamp work?

How Bandcamp works. When a fan buys something on Bandcamp, an average of 82% of the money goes to the artist or their label — typically in 24-48 hours — and the remainder covers our revenue share and payment processor fees.

Who bought Bandcamp?

Epic Games
The world of independent music got a jolt on Wednesday when Bandcamp, the platform that has been a haven for musicians during the pandemic, announced that it had been acquired by Epic Games, the company behind blockbuster online video games like Fortnite.

Why do artists use Bandcamp?

Bandcamp gives artists more control over their releases and sales, with support for pre-orders, offline streaming, downloading, merchandise, streaming analytics, and more. It also helps listeners find and buy new music through its ever-growing content library, and editorial services like Bandcamp Daily.

Why does Bandcamp take a cut?

Bandcamp simply takes a 10% revenue share of these sales. For bands, it’s a bit like setting up a merch table at a virtual venue. (Venues, especially big ones, typically collect a percentage of merch sold on their premises.) But if half of Bandcamp’s revenue is from physical product, is it a digital platform?

Is Bandcamp ethical?

But even beyond the Bandcamp Days, Bandcamp offers a more ethical alternative to purchasing downloads or physical albums via large corporations like Amazon or Apple. (Compare, for example, Bandcamp’s 15 percent revenue share on digital downloads to Apple’s now-defunct iTunes store’s 30 percent cut.)

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