Is Ashley Walters still in So Solid Crew?

Is Ashley Walters still in So Solid Crew?

Is Ashley Walters still in So Solid Crew?

The group consisted of many members, the most notable being Asher D (Ashley Walters), Lisa Maffia, Harvey and Romeo….

So Solid Crew
Origin Winstanley Estate, London, England
Genres Hip hop UK garage
Years active 1998–present
Labels Independiente Limited, Relentless

Was Swiss in So Solid Crew?

SWISS, BEST known as member of BRIT and MOBO award-winning group So Solid Crew, who rose to fame in the early 2000s, has launched a new initiative called Black Pound Day.

Who founded So Solid Crew?

MEGAMAN (AKA DWAYNE VINCENT) Megaman, aka Dwayne Vincent, 26, is seen as the group’s leader. He founded So Solid Crew with Lisa Maffia’s former boyfriend G-Man (Jason Phillips) after they met at the pirate radio station Supreme FM in early 1998, and around them grew a core of members.

What is Romeo Dunn real name?

Marvin DawkinsRomeo / Full name

What age is Ashley Walters?

39 years (June 30, 1982)Ashley Walters / Age

Why did So Solid Crew break up?

In 2005, Harvey married Alesha Dixon, but they split the following year after he had an affair with Popstars: The Rivals contestant Javine Hylton. He would later split from Hylton following more infidelity claims before marrying dancer Ghamzeh Mahdizadeh in 2015.

What happened to Lisa Maffia?

Lisa Maffia is battling extreme pain in hospital. The So Solid Crew star, 42, was rushed to hospital and put on a morphine drip and told that it is due to her battling endometriosis and fibroids.

How old is Lisa Maffia?

42 years (June 16, 1979)Lisa Maffia / Age

Who was the leader of So Solid Crew?

Carl Morgan
Dwayne Vincent, 26, more widely known as the collective’s leader Megaman, gave the command to his friend Carl Morgan as two groups of young men engaged in a public stand-off described as “reminiscent of the wild west”.

Who was the girl in So Solid Crew?

Lisa Maffia
Lisa Maffia (born 16 June 1979) is a British singer-songwriter, musician, rapper, actress, fashion designer, model and presenter, who originally came to the public’s attention as the main female member of So Solid Crew.

How old is Michael Ward?

24 years (November 18, 1997)Micheal Ward / Age

How old is Araloyin Oshunremi?

18 years (June 8, 2004)Araloyin Oshunremi / Age

How old is MC Romeo?

41 years (October 23, 1980)Romeo / Age

Is Aventura Romeo Santos?

Anthony “Romeo” Santos (born July 21, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, best known as the lead member and vocalist of the bachata group Aventura.

How did So Solid Crew form?

They just felt like they didn’t have a choice. ​“The only reason we started up our own promotions,” Megaman says, ​“was we was just on the radio MCing and we was going up to promoters going: ​’Yeah man, So Solid, boom, boom, we got some cold MCs, cold DJs…’ They weren’t interested, so we came out with no choice.