How wide is a stock s10 rear end?

How wide is a stock s10 rear end?

How wide is a stock s10 rear end?

54-3/8″ wide from WMS-WMS (wheel mating surface) is what i’ve been told & the s10 4×4 are 60″.

What size rear end is in a 2000 s10?

According to Chevy High Performance, the 7.5-inch was standard until 1993, when the previously optional 7.625-inch became standard. 1995 and newer S-trucks equipped with the high-output V6 were equipped with the 8.5-inch rear end.

How wide is a Mustang 8.8 rear end?

59 11/44
How To Spot, Build, And Swap In the Ford 8.8 Mustang Rearend.

Vehicle Application Axle Width (inches)
’86-’93 Ford Mustang 8.8 59 11/44
’65-’66 Mustang 57 11/44
’67-’70 Mustang 8.0 59 51/48

How wide is a 69 Camaro rear end?

55 to 55.5 or so is the common width for use with a 12 inch wheel and 6 inch backspacing.

How do I identify a Chevy s10 rear end?

Look under the rear of the vehicle. The rear end is centrally located between the rear wheels. On the back of the unit, count the number of bolts holding the inspection plate cover to the rear end housing.

What is the width of a Chevy 10 bolt rear end?

The 8.5-inch 10-bolt rearend was used in cars and trucks over a wide range of years. It first appeared in 1970 production cars as a corporate replacement for the 8.2-inch 10-bolt rearend.

How wide is a Chevy rear end?


Year Classic Vehicles Width Rear
55-64 Chevy car
65-67 Nova
68-72 Nova 60″
78 & up Monte Carlo, Regal, etc. with 10 bolt axle 58″

How wide is a 12 bolt Chevy rear end?

The rearend cover on passenger car 12-bolt rearends is oval, measuring 10-15/16-inches wide by 10-5/8-inches tall.

How wide is 55 Chevy rear end?

55-57 Chevy is 60-1/4″.