How wide does wood flooring come?

How wide does wood flooring come?

How wide does wood flooring come?

These days, the standard width in hardwood flooring is the 4- or 5-inch wide plank. Curious minds may know that the standard has grown wider with time. These widths are often the go-to because the boards can fit nicely and effectively in most rooms.

Which is better wide or narrow wood flooring?

In addition, because there are more boards in the floor, narrow plank floors tend to be easier to maintain. Wide plank floors need more space to expand and contract with humidity, narrow plank floors need less. This means they won’t shift as much with changes in humidity and will be less likely to buckle or warp.

Does hardwood come in wide planks?

Hardwood floors come in different widths. If you are in the market shopping for hardwood flooring, then the question “Narrow or wide planks and what is the best choice for my living space?” must be on your mind.

Is wide wood flooring more expensive?

In most cases, the wider planks tend to cost more than narrower planks. The main reason for this is because the wider planks are made from older growth trees which are more valuable. The wider planks means each tree produces fewer planks.

Are wider floor boards better?

Wide planks are easy on the eyes and can even change the size or shape of a room. In general, smaller rooms can feel cramped and unwelcoming. Bring out the best in them by using wide boards to create the illusion of more space.

Does wood floor thickness matter?

The thickness of solid hardwood matters when you install it over a wooden subfloor of questionable integrity. If the subfloor isn’t quite as stable as you would like, a thicker hardwood could help. The thicker hardwood planks will offer some structural integrity that the subfloor is lacking.

Do wide planks make a room look smaller?

Contrary to what some might think or say, wide plank flooring does NOT make your space look smaller. It’s interesting, even though the planks are wider, because of the visual tricks wide plank plays on your eyes, the room often appears even larger than it is…not the other way around!

Do wide or narrow planks make a room look bigger?

Wider planks can work to make your room look bigger. They can also be more affordable because you need fewer of them. Larger tiles provide depth: A newly popular type of flooring is luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

What is the widest plank wood flooring?

While the tendency for all hardwood flooring is now toward wider planks up to 4 inches wide, true wide-plank flooring is a relatively small subset of the hardwood flooring market, with boards that range from 6 to 20 inches in width.

Does wide plank flooring make room look smaller?