How popular is New Hope Club?

How popular is New Hope Club?

How popular is New Hope Club?

New Hope Club is a force to be reckoned with on social media where they have an overall reach of 6 million. They’ve picked up over 260 million total streams, garnered over 1 million YouTube subscribers and racked up over 1.6 million monthly Spotify listeners.

How did New Hope Club get famous?

The trio was signed by The Vamps and their label, Steady Records, after being discovered by the four-piece on YouTube. Having released a series of singles and a debut EP, New Hope Club has now toured with The Vamps twice as well as Sabrina Carpenter, headlining a number of their own shows as well.

Who is the lead singer of New Hope Club?

Blake Richardson
Formed in 2015, New Hope Club originally featured vocalist/guitarist/pianist Blake Richardson, vocalist/guitarist/pianist George Smith, and former X Factor contestant vocalist/bassist Reece Bibby, the latter of whom jumped on board after the breakup of his previous band, Stereo Kicks.

Is New Hope Club popular in Korea?

New Hope Club is a talented group that is drawing attention worldwide for their addictive sound and energetic performances. The New Hope Club, which has been continuing to meet with Korean audiences in 2018 and afterward, has a wide global fandom enough to hold a world tour.

Is New Hope Club a Kpop group?

New Hope Club is a British Pop trio that debuted in 2015 and consists of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson, and George Smith.

What does New Hope mean?

The meaning of A New Hope In Star Wars’ first outing that hope is Luke Skywalker. According to Screen Rant, “A New Hope is all about Luke embarking on the hero’s journey and embracing his destiny, becoming the galaxy’s new hope.”

How did Bailee Madison and Blake Richardson meet?

Bailee and Blake met while working on the music video for his band’s song “Love Again”, where she served as his love interest. In case you missed the news, it was announced that Bailee is leaving her show Good Witch after the current fifth season.

Is Alex Lange still dating Bailee Madison?

Bailee Madison and Alex Lange are going their separate ways. The 19-year-old Good Witch actress and her YouTube personality beau, 17, have broken up after dating for two years, sources exclusively tell ET. According to our sources, the pair ended their relationship a few weeks ago.