How old is Mikleo?

How old is Mikleo?

How old is Mikleo?

Age 18
Height 5’9″ (175cm)
Weapon Long Staff
Hometown Elysia

What happens to Sorey at the end of Tales of Zestiria?

Because of his actions, Sorey isn’t considered dead, so Rose and Alisha get to live. The name of Shepherd isn’t passed down to the squire in this anime.

Is there romance in Tales of Zestiria?

Nope. Though TVtropes and a few other parties exaggerate every little clue they perceive about Sorey and Mikleo. Nope, no canon romance anywhere with the main cast.

Who voices sorey in Tales of Zestiria?

Robbie DaymondSorey / Voiced by

Is Sorey and Mikleo canon?

There is nothing explicit in canon that says Sorey and Mikleo have feelings for each other or are in a relationship. At the very BEST, you could leave it up to interpretation, but that’s at the very best.

Is Mikleo dead?

During the Revanchist War, Sorey was deeply affected when Mikleo was killed in the Revanchist War. Alisha Diphda – A character from Tales of Zestiria who debuted in Ragnarok. Alisha accompanied Sorey and Mikleo during her brief encounter with the Shepherd early into his journey.

How old is sorey?

Sorey (スレイ, Surei?) is the main protagonist in Tales of Zestiria….Who Would Win, Batman Or Bugs Bunny? MultiVersus uncovered – The Loop.

Age 17
Height 5’9″ / 175 cm
Race Human
Occupation Shepherd

Is sorey a human?

Sorey (スレイ, Surei?) is the main protagonist in Tales of Zestiria. He has a kind heart, an honest expression, and a positive outlook on life. He lives in Elysia, the village of seraphim, and is the only human among them. Unlike most humans, Sorey can see seraphim and is childhood friends with a Water seraph, Mikleo.

Is Velvet The Lord of Calamity?

There are two known Lords of Calamity. The first Lord of Calamity to exist is Velvet Crowe, protagonist of the distant prequel Tales of Berseria, and the other is Heldalf, who was cursed with immortality and misfortune by the previous Shepherd, Michael, who sacrificed a baby, Mikleo, on an altar to the seraph Maotelus.