How old is Funky Winkerbean?

How old is Funky Winkerbean?

How old is Funky Winkerbean?

Cory Winkerbean, the 15-year-old son of titular character, Funky, has a permanently laminated detention card from his high school principal.

What is happening in Funky Winkerbean?

A newspaper staple since 1972, “Funky Winkerbean,” by the cartoonist Tom Batiuk, will focus this fall on sports-related concussions, which, in extreme cases, can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a form of degenerative dementia. The idea started close to home. “The symptoms of C.T.E.

Who did Funky Winkerbean marry?

Some time after Lisa’s death, Les begins dating Cayla Williams, a black teacher at Westview High. Their relationship blossoms into love and in the fall of 2012, the two were married.

How old is Mary Worth?

Mary Worth is an American newspaper comic strip that has had an eight-decade run from 1938. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, this pioneering soap opera-style strip influenced several that followed.

How did Becky in Funky Winkerbean lose her arm?

Q. What happened to Becky’s arm? A. She lost it in an automobile accident following her senior prom.

What does Doonesbury mean today?

I winced when I first read today’s “Doonesbury.” It’s a particularly tough strip, assailing Donald Trump’s children as well as the president’s stand on immigration, in satirical terms that at first blush appear to be anti-immigrant.

What happened to heart of the city cartoon?

In strips beginning with the run date of April 27, 2020, Tatulli passed Heart of the City to cartoonist Christina “Steenz” Stewart, resulting in a very noticeable change in visual style.

What happened to Mary Worth comics?

Today’s Mary is a “60-something” Ohio native, college graduate, ex-teacher and widow of Jack” Worth, a Wall Street whiz who left her a comfortable income. She once lived in New York but now resides in a condo in Santa Royale, Calif., where she volunteers at the local hospital and advises friends and colleagues.

Who writes Mary Worth?

Karen Moy has been the credited writer of the Mary Worth comic strip since 2004. Two years ago she was joined by artist June Brigman, and for the first time since 1939 women were the creative team of Mary Worth.

What is Beetle Bailey’s real name?

Private Carl James “Beetle” Bailey—the main character and strip’s namesake, a feckless, shirking, perpetual goof-off and straggler known for his chronic laziness and generally insubordinate attitude.