How old is Bangor on Dee Bridge?

How old is Bangor on Dee Bridge?

How old is Bangor on Dee Bridge?

Bangor has a beautiful five-arched stone bridge that has its fair share of history. This history goes even further back than the current design, as a medieval wooden design is recorded to have existed in 1292… although historical maps give an even earlier date of 1036.

How many people live in Bangor on Dee?


Bangor-on-Dee Welsh: Bangor-is-y-coed or Bangor Is-coed
Bangor-on-Dee Location within Wrexham
Population 1,110 2011 Census
OS grid reference SJ388454
Community Bangor is-y-Coed

Which County is Bangor on Dee?

County Borough of Wrexham
Bangor is y Coed or Bangor Iscoed (and sometimes known as Bangor on Dee by English speakers) is a village, community and ecclesiastical parish in the County Borough of Wrexham, Wales Genealogy, Wales, and is situated on the banks of the River Dee.

Where is Bangor Isycoed?

The village is located in a natural hollow, alongside the River Dee. Bangor Isycoed is sheltered against the winds from all directions, to the North is the plateau on which the town of Wrexham is situated, to the south the landscape rises up to the village of Overton-on-Dee.

What is the origin of the name’Bangor Isycoed’?

The earliest recorded use of the name ‘Bangor Isycoed’ or ‘Bangor Is-coed’, the more common usage, dates from 1699. Daniel, Anne.

Where is Bangor in the UK?

Bangor lies in Maelor Saesneg, which is the detached part of Flintshire. The parish comprises the townships of Bangor (which is in Flintshire), and Eyton, Royton, Seswick and Pickhill (all four of which are in Denbighshire).

Why is Bangor-on-Dee called Bangor on Dee?

When the Cambrian Railway opened a branch line from Wrexham to Ellesmere, they called the station Bangor-on-Dee, a name favoured by those who disliked the Welsh Is-y-Coed.