How old is Agnes in Meet Me in St. Louis?

How old is Agnes in Meet Me in St. Louis?

How old is Agnes in Meet Me in St. Louis?

Eighteen-year-old Rose (Lucille Bremer) is waiting for her boyfriend away at college to propose; 19-year-old Lon (Harry H. Daniels, Jr.) has just been dumped; and 10-year-old Agnes (Joan Carroll) and 5-year-old Tootie (Margaret O’Brien) are just interested in causing trouble.

Is the house from Meet Me in St. Louis still standing?

The House in the Summer Louis, is now sadly gone. In 1970, MGM auctioned off most of its property, including St. Louis Street. Lot 3 was 80 acres with a lake, where they filmed this and more MGM features.

Where is the home from Meet Me in St. Louis?

5135 Kensington Avenue
Louis like the iconic movie, Meet me in St. Louis. The home at 5135 Kensington was depicted as a grand Victorian, much as you would see here, in Lafayette Square. And yes, there actually was a “5135 Kensington Avenue”.

What is Tootie short for in Meet Me in St. Louis?

Rose rushes into the house looking for Esther (who is in love with John but can’t seem to get him to notice her). After a beautiful song we are sent to an ice wagon where we meet Tootie (Margaret O’Brian), the youngest of the Smith family.

Who is Joan Carroll?

Joan Carroll (born Joan Marie Felt, January 18, 1931 – November 16, 2016) was an American child actress who appeared in films until retiring in 1945….

Joan Carroll
Died November 16, 2016 (aged 85) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Years active 1936, 1938–69
Spouse(s) James Joseph Krack ​ ​ ( m. 1951; div. 1969)​
Children 4

Is anyone still alive from Meet Me in St Louis?

Margaret O’Brien’s movie siblings in “Little Women” are all gone, but she’s glad that Joan Carroll, who played her next-older sister in “Meet Me in St. Louis,” is alive and living in Nevada.

Did Mary Astor really play the piano in Meet Me in St. Louis?

Astor was home-schooled in academics and was taught to play the piano by her father, who insisted she practice daily. Her piano talents came in handy when she played piano in her films The Great Lie and Meet Me in St. Louis.

Was Meet Me in St. Louis filmed in color?

Upon its 1944 release, Time magazine called Meet me in St. Louis “one of the year’s prettiest pictures”. Can you tell us how important this film was in the Technicolor history? This was the first film that Vincente Minnelli shot in Technicolor.

How old is Joan Carroll?

85 years (1931–2016)Joan Carroll / Age at death