How much merit is required for NUST?

How much merit is required for NUST?

How much merit is required for NUST?

There is no stated requirement for minimum marks. But admission is given on the basis of your standing in the merit calculation. And the merit calculation is done by assigning 75% to your marks in NET, 15% to your marks in A Level or equivalent qualifications, and 10% to your marks in Matric or O Level.

How can I know my merit position in NUST?

This NUST Merit Calculator is updated according to the university rules and regulations you can calculate your FSC based and O Level Based aggregate through this calculator….NUST Aggregate Formula

  1. Matric=1020/1100.
  2. FSC=990/1100.
  3. NET=140/200.

How much aggregate is required for admission in NUST?

60% aggregate marks
Minimum 60% aggregate marks each in Matric / equivalent with Maths & Physics as essential subjects and HSSC/equivalent exams (Pre-Engineering / Computer Science Group) OR any other foreign qualification with three (3) subjects out of which Mathematics and Physics are essential subjects.

Is NUST offering LLB?

LLB (Hons) programme at NUST School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H), Islamabad Campus. Applications are invited for the newly launched LLB (Hons) programme at NUST School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H), Islamabad Campus.

How many seats are there in NUST?

About 250 seats are for business studies. 50 seats for each of the following fields: BS Accounting & Finance….Distribution of Seats in NUST.

Distribution of Seats for Engineering Programs
Field Closing Merit
Electrical Engineering (Islamabad) 170
Software Engineering (Islamabad) 90
Computer Science (Islamabad) 150

What is good score in net?

A score above 110 is considered safe and you may get admission in some of the lower ranked courses. For Engineering, score of 125 above is safe. Higher merit courses like Electrical and Mechanical Engineering require a safe score of 140 plus.

What is NUST closing merit?

The Closing Merit Lists of National University of Sciences and Technology (2020) provided on this website were launched by another authentic website….

Closing Merit List of NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME), Rawalpindi 2020
Computer Engineering 1635 1870
Electrical Engineering 1438 1777

How do you calculate merit?

Formula for calculation of merit

  1. Formula for calculation of merit.
  2. (i) The merit shall be worked out as per the regulations of Pakistan Medical and.
  3. Marks obtained in SSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.10 = 10% of SSC/Equivalent.
  4. Step – II.
  5. Marks obtained in HSSC /Equivalent x 1100 x 0.40 = 40% of HSSC/Equivalent.
  6. Step – III.

Which university offers LLB in Islamabad?

15 Universities and Colleges are offering LLB Law in Islamabad

Institute City Fee
1. Bahria University, E-8 Campus Islamabad 170000
2. International Islamic University Islamabad 140400
3. National University Of Science & Technology Islamabad 200800
4. Quaid-e-azam University Islamabad 0