How much does the Ice Bar London cost?

How much does the Ice Bar London cost?

How much does the Ice Bar London cost?

IceBar sessions are 40 minutes each and the venue is available for hire. Prices for standard tickets include a cocktail, cape and gloves are £14.50 for slots from Sunday-Monday before 5:30 pm. They go down to £13.50 if booked in advance. Prices at all other times start at £16.50, rising with upgrades and packages.

How do I book the Ice Bar in London?

Call 020 7478 8910 to book Ice Bar Experience tickets separately.

Are there any ice bars in the UK?

About. Made of crystal clear ice from the Torne river in Sweden maintained at minus 5 degrees all year round, Icebar is the UK’s ‘coolest’ bar. Everything in the bar is made from ice including the walls, tables, chairs and even the glasses that cocktails are served in.

Is there still an Icebar in London?

The only permanent ice bar in the UK, it’s kept at a constant minus 5 degrees. The ice is imported from Sweden and has been turned into bar form in a hidden spot behind Regent’s Street where visitors are required to wear silver capes and gloves to keep warm.

What do you wear to the Icebar?

There is no dress code (as long as you’re decent). We will provide you with an extra coat and gloves before entering the Icebar which you can wear over your regular clothes. However, we do not recommend to wear shorts, skirts, dresses or open shoes as it can get pretty cold.

How old do you have to be to go to the Icebar London?

There are no age restrictions for Bar Ice, however we do advise that under 18’s need to be accompanied by an adult and will require a ticket. Whilst children are welcome into Bar Ice, we do feel it is a more adult vibe.

When did Ice Bar London close?

UPDATE (31 March 2020): ICEBAR London has closed permanently.

What is Ice Bar London?

…Ice & Vodka Wonderland! Ice Bar London is extreme drinking of the freezing kind! You’ll venture into an world where EVERYTHING is made of ice – walls, bar, tables and even your drinking glass is made from ice. And it’s not just any ice, it’s the purest in the world, harvested from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Northern Sweden.

How long does the ice bar take to open?

The Ice Bar is operated in 40 minute timeslots and as part of your entry you’ll receive a thermal cape with hood to keep you warm. Insider Tip: Visit early in the week and you will avoid the crowds and save a few quid! Last entry is 45 minutes prior to closing time.

What is the’coolest’bar in the UK?

Icebar London. Made of crystal clear ice from the Torne river in Sweden maintained at minus 5 degrees all year round, Icebar London is the UK’s ‘coolest’ bar.

What is the largest pub in London?

L ondon institution The Porterhouse is a huge three-floor space on Maiden Lane, and represents the largest pub in the city. Run by Irish brewers Porterhouse Brewing Co. the pub offers a huge range of ales and also brews its own stouts, ales and lagers, which are well worth a try.

What do you wear to the ice bar?

Ice bars sound like a place that requires the best warm clothing. You do need warm coats, but the ice bar usually provides them. Additionally, gloves and hats may also be provided. If you are bar hopping through the night, don’t feel the need to get changed specifically for the ice bar.

How cold is bar ice?

Good question. Minus5° is actually the temperature the bar is kept at (23 degrees Fahrenheit). That is below freezing temperature (32°F) for water (H20), therefore causing all water inside to be frozen.

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