How much does a reconstituted limestone block weight?

How much does a reconstituted limestone block weight?

How much does a reconstituted limestone block weight?

Additional information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 500 × 350 × 240 mm
Qty per pallet 24
Colour Limestone

How do you cover limestone walls?

An impregnating sealant provides the most effective protection against discolouration and structural damage to your limestone walls. The sealant is applied to the wall’s surface and is absorbed into the porous limestone, filling in the tiny holes and fissures.

Why choose limestone blocks Mandurah for retaining walls?

Limestone blocks Mandurah are the strongest way to retain any part of your property. Limestone blocks are robust in structure and is an outstanding material for the construction of Retaining Walls on your property. As Limestone Contractors, when we commence building a Retaining Wall we always consider the type of soil, clay or material.

What are reconstituted limestone blocks?

Reconstituted limestone blocks are made from a combination of natural limestone and a small amount of cement to form Reconstituted limestone blocks. Reconstituted blocks are stronger, easier to work with and do not age like natural limestone. The manufacturing process is controlled and tested periodically to ensure quality.

Why choose limestone wall Contractors WA?

Limestone Wall Contractors WA are highly experienced and are professional layers of Limestone Blocks Mandurah. We specialise in limestone block structures and retaining walls which serve various purposes and can be constructed to suit your exact requirements.

What are limestone building blocks used for?

Our Limestone Building Blocks range is a premium quality reconstituted product used in large scale projects such as subdivisions’, retaining walls, screen walls, fences, steps and landscaping. Small machinery is normally required to handle and install blocks.