How much do round bales usually cost?

How much do round bales usually cost?

How much do round bales usually cost?

Large square bale straw averaged $64.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 to $90.00). Large round bale straw averaged $58.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 – $85.00). In Nebraska, hay sold steady, demand is light in 2020.

How much is a 5×6 round bale?

$52.50 per bale
Round bales are often priced by the bale but the amount of hay in a bale depends on bale size and density. For example, assume a 5×6 round bale (5 feet wide and 6 feet in diameter or height) is priced at $52.50 per bale. If the bale weighs 1,500 pounds, the price is equivalent to $70 per ton.

How much is a silage?

Corn Silage Packed in the Silo The 2020 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates survey showed a most common rate of $10 per ton. At $22.95 per ton plus $10 per ton for harvesting, hauling and packing equals $32.95 per ton in the silo.

What is the average round bale per acre?

With an average bale weight of around 40 pounds (with our Abbriata small square baler or any of our mini round balers), that’s 100 bales to the acre for a first cutting.

How much does 4×5 round bale weigh?

A 4’x4′ round bale of legumes like alfalfa weighs about 600 lbs (272 kg). A 4’x5′ bale weighs 950 lbs (430 kg). A 5’x5′ bale weighs 1,200 lbs (540 kg) and a 5’x6′ bale weighs 1,500 lbs (680 kg). Grass bales, like timothy, weigh 20% less than alfalfa bales.

How much does a 5 foot round bale weigh?

Round Bales

Size Dimension(Width x Height) Weight
Small 4 ft x 4 ft 400 to 600 lbs.
Medium 5 ft x 4.5 ft 720 to 950 lbs.
Large 5 ft x 6 ft 1270 to 1700 lbs.

What is standing silage worth?

“With those numbers in mind, we can calculate the value of the standing salvage crop,” he explains. “If the salvage crop produced 4 wet tons of silage per acre, the cost of putting that in the pit would be around $17.60 per wet ton. That would leave a value of $52.40 per wet ton for the standing crop.

How many bales of silage do you get per acre?

Yiekld usually 3–4 bales/acre. Mark the high-quality bales in your storage area so you will know them from the ordinary bales of silage. Don’t open more bales than you require as they will go ‘off’ quickly. The average weight of the bale is 200-240kg DM.

How many round bales does a cow eat per year?

Determine the number of bales of hay that each cow needs by dividing the cow’s yearly need by the adjusted weight of each bale. For a cow needing 8,190 pounds of hay per year and a bale weight of 960 pounds, divide 8,190 by 960 for a yearly need of about 8.5 bales per cow.