How much do Genie lifts cost?

How much do Genie lifts cost?

How much do Genie lifts cost?

The average cost of a genie lift rental is $400 per day. However, you can rent these machines by the hour, day, week, or even month. If you plan to rent by the hour, most companies will ask for a minimum of 4 hours, with the average rental ranging from $189 to $689 for one day.

How long do Genie lifts last?

A poorly maintained battery may need to be replaced within one year, whereas the well maintained battery can last as long as three years.

Is Skyjack or Genie better?

Genie. Perhaps the biggest perk of the Genie is that more than are known to be slightly more stable than other lifts which has given them a good name. If you are interested in buying a Genie, they also come with an impressive five-year-warranty. Consumer reports suggest that Genie is more reliable than JLG and Skyjack.

How much does a 65 foot Genie lift weight?

Key Features

Weight – 2WD 22099.1 lb, 10024 kg
Weight – 4WD 22271.1 lb, 10102 kg
WheelBase 8.3 ft in, 2529.8 mm

Where are Genie lifts made?

Although 70 percent of Genie’s global output comes from its four U.S. factories — Redmond and Moses Lake in Washington, Oklahoma City and Rock Hill, S.C. — the company also manufactures in Italy and China, and imports much of its raw materials, such as steel, from China.

How much does a spider lift Cost?

With that in mind, you should expect to pay: Low- to mid-range spider lifts: (10′ to 25′) can cost $75 to $110 (daily), $180 to $440 (weekly), and $350 to $1,800 (monthly) Telescopic spider lifts: (30′ to 50′) can run $140 to $350 (daily), $400 to $1,500 (weekly), and $650 to $3,200 (monthly)

How many hours is too much for a scissor lift?

So, we would say that a scissor lift can last about 500 to 1,000 hours of movement.

How much does a 60 ft boom lift weight?

Telescopic Boom Lift The Genie S-60 J is compact, low-weight design (16,650 lb / 7,550 kg) keeps ground pressure low when operators are working in more sensitive ground conditions.