How much are theodolites?

How much are theodolites?

How much are theodolites?

Questions & Answers on Theodolite

Unit Minimum Price Maximum Price
Piece Rs 4000 Rs 150000
Set Rs 14500 Rs 138000

Do surveyors still use theodolites?

The theodolite is an instrument that can measure both horizontal and vertical angles, which allows surveyors to “triangulate” the position of objects in a specific area. While the digital and transit theodolite have been used by land surveyors and engineers, they can be used for other purposes as well.

Which is better theodolite or total station?

A total station incorporates a theodolites functions into it’s programming, measuring angles and using an electronic distance meter. Total stations are usually superior to theodolites given their digital integration and more consistent precision.

What are the different types of theodolites available in the market?

Theodolites generally include three types.

  • Repeating Theodolite. Repeating theodolites refer to those theodolites which measure angles on a graduated scale.
  • Direction Theodolites. Direction theodolites refer to those theodolites which determine angles through a circle.
  • Vernier Transit Theodolite.
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What are the parts of theodolite?

Following are the parts of a theodolite:

  • Telescope.
  • Vertical circle.
  • Index frame.
  • The standards.
  • The upper plate.
  • The lower plate.
  • The leveling head.
  • The shifting head.

Can theodolite measure distance?

The accuracy in modern first-order or geodetic instruments, with five-inch glass circles, is approximately one second of arc, or 1/3,600 of a degree. With such an instrument a sideways movement of the target of one centimetre can be detected at a distance of two kilometres.

Which type of theodolite gives the most accurate result?

Vernier Theodolites: For reading the graduated circle, verniers are used to correct reading of measuring points and this theodolite is termed as a Vernier theodolite.

Can a theodolite measure distances?

For example, distances may be measured by EDM or by tachymetry, a geometric technique in which the vertical distance on a graduated vertical staff, seen between two stadia hairs in the theodolite eyepiece, is a measure of the horizontal distance between the theodolite and the staff—usually 100 times the difference …