How much are platinum sugar gliders?

How much are platinum sugar gliders?

How much are platinum sugar gliders?

Color Breeding Price Pet Only Price
White Mosaic $900+ $600+
Leucistic $1000 $600+
Platinum $1000 $600+
Cremeino $1000 $600+

Are there black sugar gliders?

Black Beauty Sugar Glider The Black Beauty variation of the Standard Gray has typical coloration and patterns but is overall several tones darker than the usual standard grey. It is difficult to breed for this variation and primarily seems to be random.

How many kinds of sugar gliders are there?

However, our new study shows the sugar glider is actually three genetically and physically distinct species: Petaurus breviceps and two new species, Krefft’s glider (Petaurus notatus) and the savanna glider (Petaurus ariel).

What is a platinum sugar glider?

Platinum sugar gliders have a light silver (powdered) body with a light dorsal stripe and markings. A joey must have at least one platinum allele to display the platinum gene phenotypically. Platinums can carry the Leucistic gene, but Leucistics do not carry the Platinum gene.

How much is a white face sugar glider?

White Face–$500-$600 White face gliders are the second most common type of glider. They are very similar to standard grays in color except they are missing the dark bar under their ears.

What is a Cremino sugar glider?

A cremino is an off-white sugar glider, with light cream markings and burgundy eyes. Also called a T+ albino. This glider is a recessive colour morph and it requires 2 of the gene like the leus in order to produce coloured joeys.

What is a mosaic sugar glider?

Mosaics – any pattern broken up by white or another color. Creamino Mosaic – a sugar glider that is showing off two color types at once. Mahogany Red Mosaics – Mahogany Red Coloration, as well as being a Mosaic.

Do sugar gliders see color?

As nocturnal animals by nature, they have excellent night vision. Although their eyes look black in color, they are actually a dark brown. Due to the number of rods and cones in their eyes, it is believed that Sugar Gliders see in only shades of gray – and the color red.

What is mystery red sugar glider?

Cremeino sugar gliders have a cream colored body or reddish crème colored fur. They have a brown to red dorsal stripe/markings, and deep ruby eyes. Cremeinos were bred selectively; this color does not appear in the wild and it is a recessive gene. To show phenotypically, a glider must have two cremeino alleles.