How many young Montalbano are there?

How many young Montalbano are there?

How many young Montalbano are there?

The Young Montalbano
Original languages Italian, Sicilian
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 12

How many actresses played Livia in Young Montalbano?

Three different actors have played Livia, two Swedish actors, who were dubbed in Italian, and the most recent one, Sonia Bergamasco, an Italian actor who, we hope, will continue in the future.

Where is Young Montalbano filmed?

However, the TV series moves the setting eastwards across Sicily, and it is mostly filmed in the south-eastern swathe of Sicily which is renowned for its architecturally-appealing Baroque towns (listed by UNESCO as heritage sites), some of these locations can be seen in sweeping overhead shots in the opening credits.

How did Young Montalbano end?

Finally settling on the real killer, we are dismayed to see that he has been killed too. Worse than that, he is murdered right outside Montalbano’s house and the night before he is due to leave. Being the dedicated detective, Salvo stays behind while Livia returns to Genoa.

Will there be any more series of the young Montalbano?

Released in Italy in July 2020, it is scheduled to become available in the U.S. in September 2021. “At eighty, I foresaw Montalbano’s departure from the scene,” wrote Camilleri.

Who was the first Livia in Montalbano?

From season 1-8 Livia was portrayed by an Austrian, during season 9 by a Swedish actress (Katharina Böhm, Lina Perned). The actresses, who fitted the bill so perfectly otherwise, either don’t speak Italian fluently enough or not at all, so they had to be dubbed by an Italian actress.

What happens in the last episode of Montalbano?

March 8, 2021Inspector Montalbano / Final episode date

Is Young Montalbano finished?

“Sherlock Holmes was recovered … but it will not be possible to recover Montalbano. In that last book, he’s really finished,” he told the Guardian in 2012. Camilleri died in 2019, and Riccardino, the 28th and final novel in the Montalbano series, was published in Italy in 2020.

Who plays Mimi in Montalbano?

Cesare Adolfo Bocci
Cesare Adolfo Bocci (born September 13, 1957) is an Italian actor. Born in Camerino, he has acted in films and on stage, but is best known for his performance as Mimi Augello to Luca Zingaretti’s Salvo Montalbano in the television series Il Commissario Montalbano.