How many people are in the Marching Southerners?

How many people are in the Marching Southerners?

How many people are in the Marching Southerners?

The Marching Southerners

Marching Southerners
Director Dr. Kenneth G. Bodiford
Assistant Directors Mr. Clint Gillespie and Dr. Jeremy Stovall
Members 556 (2019)

How many members are in the JSU band?


Sonic Boom of The South
Conference SWAC
Founded 1940s
Director Roderick Little (Director of Bands)
Members 300+

Does Jackson State University have a color guard?

A nationally known arm of Jacksonville State University, the Marching Southerners have been defining the future of marching band for sixty years. Comprised of students from all over the country, the Southerners perform for thousands each season – sending chills up the spine and tears down the face.

What is the Sonic Boom of the South known for?

The Sonic Boom of the South is the marching band of Jackson State University, and a leading exponent of the high-stepping, high-energy, razzle-dazzle style that has developed in historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the Deep South.

Who has won the Sudler Trophy?

The Sudler Trophy is an award bestowed on one university marching band….Sudler Trophy.

Year Marching band University
2001 Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band Texas A&M University
2002 Tiger Marching Band Louisiana State University
2003 Million Dollar Band University of Alabama
2004 Auburn University Marching Band Auburn University

What is a day with the boom?

Vision: ”A Day with the Boom” is an opportunity for 9th-12th grade high school winds, percussion, and dance students to spend a day with the Boom. Students will gain firsthand insight into what it is like to become a member of the Sonic Boom of the South Marching Band.

What are black marching bands called?

A Historically Black College and University marching band (also known as a HBCU band) is the marching band sponsored by a historically black college or university.

How many band members are in sonic boom?

Over the 50 years of carrying the Sonic Boom name, the nearly 300-member band has blossomed into a musical force to be reckoned with across the country. They have performed at NFL games, parades, the NAACP Image Awards and Motown.

What is the Sudler Shield?

The Sudler Shield recognizes outstanding high school marching bands. The following are the recipients of the Sudler Shield: 1987 – Enterprise High School, Enterprise, Alabama.